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Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell To An Old Friend

My dog had been ill for a while now. He was 12 years old. It started out slow at first as most illnesses do. He was losing weight, would not eat much. I decided against hoping that he would improve. He wasn't and it was time.

Today Monday Oct 11th 2010 , I had him put to sleep.

Now my halls are silent. I do not hear the pitter patter of his feet on my floors. When I look behind me he is not there living up to his name. He does not seek me out to play hide and seek anymore. When I eat, he is not laying down and shyly looking up for a morsel or a plate to lick clean. When I am upset he is not there to lay his head on me as if to say, “It will be ok, I love you.” At night, he won’t be there to snuggle up against me. His food dish will forever remain empty as if waiting for his return. What will remain of him, will live in the memories of those still living. Those lives he also touched. He will live and folic with his mate Boogie and his son Bear once more. He will be with my parents and by my dad’s side waiting for my return.

Shadow, you touched my heart, my life, my soul. You gave me so much and asked so little. You saved my life twice. How do I repay such a debt? I will never forget you. Rest now, you earned it old friend, Farewell.

***Dogphux 10/11/10. Love them everyday, for one day they will be gone and you can never get those lost moments back.***