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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Realm of Fauna 8 (a beasti Story)

I now what some of you are thinking. its about time. so here goes.

The Realm of Fauna 8 (a Beasti Story)

Slick awoke in the arms of Amethyst. She had wrapped herself around him to keep him warm with her fur. Shin and the girls were huddled together as they woke. Amethyst had stayed up to guard all night. As soon as Amethyst knew slick was awake, she smiles at him and kissed him gently on the lips. Slick though maybe he was dreaming again.

Amethyst stood up and looked at the group. She smiled as she seen Susan and Kate with their hair in a mess. Amethyst told Slick that they should find something to eat. Slick nodded. Amethyst went into the woods. She was gone for about 2 hours. When she returned she had food wrapped in her clothing. Slick was surprised, as she was almost naked. Shin couldn’t help but look. The girls seemed a bit embarrassed.

As Amethyst moved you could see her curvy shape in much detail. Her breasts were just right for her size. Her rear had a cute stubby tail, which wagged from time to time like a flag.

What Amethyst had wrapped in her clothing was nuts and berries she had gathered. Each took a portion and began to eat. While they were eating, Amethyst told slick what they were going to do next. Slick nodded and explained to the others what she had said to him. They agreed with her and slick conveyed this to Amethyst. Amethyst’s plan was to continue to the temple and deliver the box to the people there. She figured it would be safe there. After slick had eaten, he took the box and opened it. Everyone took notice as a whitish light came from within the box outward. Amethyst, looked over and said to Slick, “put that away.” Slick closed the box, the image in his mind very fresh. What Slick had seen was several coins made of what seemed to be gold. They had writing on them, which Slick could not read. The others looked at Slicks face; they could tell he had seen something amazing inside the box.

Shin asked him, “what did you see?” Slick Said, “gold coins, with writing on them.” Amethyst spoke up but again only Slick understood her. She said, “ Yes the relic coins of OrinocoYakima the founding priest of the temple the father of enlightenment. Only the high priests know of the magic that is locked away within them.” Slick repeated what she said back to the group. Shin, Susan and Kate nodded.

Slick asked “how am I able to understand you?” Amethyst answered, “The priests of the temple have powers to do many things. It will wear off soon I fear by late tomorrow so we must get to the temple.” The others grabbed the gear they had left and looked to amethyst to lead the way. Slick told her they were ready to go. And the group once more continued their journey.

All day they moved swiftly through the forest. Amethyst knew exactly it seemed by instinct where to go. The group rarely talked. They knew the importance of keeping fairly quiet. They day dragged on but just when the sun was at its lowest, the party took a break. Amethyst seemed worried. Slick got asked to inquire as to what was bothering her. Slick asked, “You seem to be bothered by something?” Amethyst said, “I have been hearing sounds not of the forest. Like as if we are being followed.” Slick recalled hearing nothing. He asked Shin, Susan and Kate if they heard anything. They responded in kind, No. Slick talked with Amethyst more. He asked her what they should do. She replied, “Wait and set a trap”. Slick was unsure but agreed. He told the others. Amethyst told Slick that they would wait until night make a fire and the girls would wait by the fire as bait. Amethyst, Shin and Slick would wait in ambush outside of firelight.

The sun had gone down as the others finished gathering wood for the night. Susan and Kate set up their places with swords near them by the fire. Amethyst took up positions with Slick and Shin. Hours went by, and Amethyst smelled something on the cool evening air. She took her blade from its sheath. Amethyst hesitated and listened. Suddenly, a Centaur bust into camp in front of Susan and Kate. Susan grabbed her sword and pushed Kate behind her. The Centaur raised his blade to strike. Then he got this look in his eye and lowered his blade. Amethyst said to him, “hold”. The Centaur stood there a bit weary. He looked around, his blade dripped with blood; he had been wounded in many places along his flanks. His hard leather armor had given way to several blows, which had dripped of freshly dried blood.

Amethyst said to him, “are you the only one?” The centaur nodded and collapsed on his side. Kate ran to him, as she knew it was one of the Centaurs she had played with back in the village. Susan and Kate used their lower parts of their dresses and began to aide the injured Centaur. Amethyst took her dagger and put it in the fire to heat the blade. She then placed the blade into the wounds. The Centaur writhed in pain and the smell of burned flesh almost made Kate sick. The centaur had a slight fever and his blood loss was extensive. Amethyst told slick to wait here, she would get some herbs that would help her colleague. Amethyst went off in the dark alone. After an hour she came back with a handful of herbs in her hand. She removed some bandages. Wasting no time she washed them slightly and wrapped up the worst of the wounds with the herbs. She looked at Slick, said, “he will be weak but better in a few hours unless his spirit is broken.”

Slick inquired, “Unless his spirit is broken?” Amethyst said yes, a Centaur when they have fought long and hard, may give into death. This one hadn’t thought about it until he seen Susan and Kate. His duty being to protect them. Once that fulfilled, his drive to duty vanished. He gave into his injuries. “I admire them”, Amethyst said, “Proud, loyal and skillful. It’s always an honor to serve with them.” Slick nodded that he understood.

Kate tended the Centaur until she fell asleep. Her arm over the back of him, she could feel his heat and it kept her warm. Shin slept close to Susan. Amethyst held Slick for warmth but only slightly rested. Slick was out like a light.

During the night, Kate could hear the Centaur moan and knew that he was in pain, She looked around not wanting the others to see and then held him a bit tighter. Her actions seemed to calm him and comfort him back to sleep quietly. The Centaur dreamed of a green field, greener than he had ever seen in Fauna. It was then he seen his aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters through time way back. He did not know all their names, but they seemed friendly to him. And from time to time he could feel caring arms around him. But could not see who they were from. He saw his uncle whom had been killed 6 months ago in a Drell raid. His uncle spoke. “Leave, you will have no pasture here.” At that point he drifted away and was back walking a dark road in his dream.

The morning came with the wrestling of the Centaur trying to get to his feet. He paused as he seen Kate lying next to him. He stopped and just looked at her. He was feeling better, and knew whose caring hands had been there for him. Binding him to this world.

Amethyst looked over and smiled at the Centaur. Slick awoke with his head on the lap of Amethyst and she kissed him gently on the lips. Shin and Susan stirred Kate being the last one to awake. Slick got to his feet and went a short distance to relieve himself. Amethyst looked at everyone smiled and went looking for some food. During the night she had crafted a bow and several arrows. Shin and Susan could see how skillful she was.

Slick returned with some firewood he found laying about the forest. Shin and Susan seeing this left to get more firewood but stayed close to the camp.

Kate got up from where she was by the Centaur. The Centaur also got to his feet. The First thing he did was smile at Kate and gets his weapons. Kate asked how the Centaur was, but he spoke in that language only Slick could understand. Kate acted as though she understood and nodded. Slick said, his name is “Danton”. Kate asked Slick to tell him her name and ask how he was. Danton said, nice to meet you. I am doing much better now. Slick explained that he was the only one that could understand the language. Danton nodded.

Slick and Danton had a long talk while Amethyst was away. Everyone wanted to know what they both had said. Slick smiled at Kate. And when Kate seen him smile she said, “what?” Slick just walked away and Kate turned beat red.

Amethyst came back with several rabbits on her belt. Which she gutted and made ready for cooking over the fire. Danton took from his bag a handful of oats and ate. Afterward he looked for some grass for later. Danton was fairly quiet after Amethyst returned. Kate wondered why but did not ask Slick. Shin, Susan Slick and Kate ate the rabbits. Amethyst ate berries and grass she has collected. Afterward, Amethyst told the rest they needed to be quiet. They were almost at the temple but the Drell were on the road by the bridge. She said she thinks the Drell have laid siege to the temple or are waiting for them. It’s possible that everyone in the temple was dead. Danton gnashed his teeth together and grumbled. Amethyst said she knew a secret way in. but they needed to go around the bridge. She found a way down river where the water was shallow to cross. Slick told the others. They asked Slick to tell Amethyst they understood.

It took them 5 hours to reach the road. Another 2 hours to cross the river. Amethyst said to slick they should rest until late then go in first light. They made a very small fire enough to dry their clothes by but that was all. Danton lay with his head on a log and fell asleep. Kate sat near him. She could not help but notice Danton’s cock slightly out of his sheath. It made her horny and very wet. She looked over and Susan had also noticed it. Susan smiled at her sister. Kate blushed. Amethyst for the first time lay down and slept. She lay there a few feet from Slick. Slick could not help but look under Amethyst’s clothing which were not covering her completely. He could see the outline of her pussy. He wondered if it was like he dreamed. How it would feel as he bred her and came deep in her. It made him hard. Slick decided to snuggle up next to her and rest. Even asleep Amethyst was aware. She allowed Slick to come near and put her arm around him.

Shin stayed up, he figured someone had to. Susan kept close to the fire and went to sleep.

What happens next is part 9……..don’t miss it.

Copyright "DogPhux" April 12th, 2011. Please do not repost any of my storys without my written permission. thanks. This story does not promote bestiality. Its just a story.