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Friday, January 15, 2010

Realm of Fauna 6 (a beasti story)

The Realm of Fauna thus far........

Hayden returns in a half hour. With him are several servants. The servants are carrying clothes, weapons and other objects. Hayden approaches Shin. Hayden’s servants hands out the clothes and weapons. Among the things handed out is a small booklet the just the size for traveling. Hayden Says, “the book is a common reading for those of the realm.” Shin thanked Hayden on behalf of the group. Slick looked at his clothing. What is this he asked Shin? Shin answered, “It’s called a tunic. Put in on over your shirt and put the weapons belt on at the waist.” As Slick took off his leather jacket a servant came and took it from him. The servant said, “This piece of clothing will be returned when you get back.” It was obvious to Slick that the servant had no idea what a jacket was.

Slick and the rest of the group put on their tunics and weapons. Slick having only seen swords and daggers in old movies was fascinated by it. He grabs from his scabbard the sword and pulls it out. A slight ringing sound is heard as the blade leaves its scabbard. He estimates the sword is just over 2 feet long. Slick admires the sword and notices writing in the blade that he can’t read. He also takes note of how well the sword is made and how sharp both sides of the sword are. After several swipes and thrusts at the air. He returns the sword to its scabbard. Susan and Kate watch and shake their heads.
Shin sees Slick with his sword and decides to show off a bit. In one motion Shin takes his sword from its scabbard with both hands and like a dance makes several advancing cuts through the air. Then returning the sword to its scabbard again in that same smooth motion. It was like watching a Samurai warrior from ancient Japan. As Shin turned to face Slick his eye caught the temple priest, who smiled and nodded. It was clear that he had impressed the temple priest. The temple priest appeared to be a Satyr. His horns were inlaid with a golden pattern in real gold. He looked very majestic. He wore a reddish robe and carried a dagger. The hood on his robe was disproportioned as it was made to fit over his head and horns. It seemed that in his temple he was someone of importance.

Slick went to Shin and asked, “Where did you learn that?” Shim explained. “My father taught me as a young boy. He had said that no young man should be without some kind of protection.” Slick then flicked open his switchblade and said, “I can relate.”

The priest waited as his and Hayden’s servants loaded up the cart for the trip. Around The priest Slick sees five female Satyr guards, their cloths and horns were almost blinding white. The breast cups were made of a bronze type metal and engraved with ornate etchings. The female Satyrs had slim curvy bodies and carried sword, spear and a shield on their backs. The sight of them and their green eyes intrigued Slick and he found himself oddly attracted.

Slick was quite bored waiting for them to get moving. He took the booklet out of his pack and began to read it. Inside the cover of the booklet was a note stating that this was the second edition as the first was wrote in Chinese. The writer of both versions was the Tibetan Priest OrinocoYakima. Slick found this to be interesting. The book contained some definitions created in part by OrinocoYakima. They were written in an intelligent and sciences like way. As if a botanist had collected them.

The three types of animal life in the Realm Of Fauna:

1) Commonal (Com-mon-al)= an animal in its normal species and breeding of Non- human cross species. This species does not speak and has limited recognition of words.

2) Nominals= (Nom-in-als) animal/human cross breed where the animal appears to be Commonal in aspect and appearance. However has a marked increase in intelligence and speech ability. Their speech is limited as they are closer to Commonals.

3) Anthrites= (An-thri-tes) Are the most evolved human/animal species. They have both higher levels of intelligence and human-like characteristics. There are two types of Anthrites. The two legged and the quad legged.

The writer notes: “The animal aspect is never lost through the generations. It is retained to 1/3 of the species make up.”

The book goes on to explain how humans ended up in the realm of Fauna many centuries ago. Orinoco thought that humans arrived much the same way as he had. The portal he thought was more like a land bridge but it somehow allowed humans to cross over physically. Then somehow it must have been lost.
Slick pondered the theory for a while then read more. The book went on to say that humans were not slaves. They are paid as workers or servants and given great care by their employers. Slick heard a servant calling out and took the booklet and put it back in his pack. As he put the book away, Slick noticed one of the Satyr females looking his way. He couldn’t help himself but to look back with a long stare. The female Satyr seemed to smile back. Slick looked away quickly.

Susan and Kate stopped throwing rocks across the road as soon as they seen the two Centaurs approaching. As they past by, Susan recognized them as the ones she was with last night. As they passed by they smiled and slightly bowed to them. Kate thought this was odd, but Susan knew what it was about. She was beet red and she lowered her head as they passed.

The two Centaurs had on interesting armor. The Armor consisted of a reinforced thick plate that went down the human aspect of the centaur’s back and extended to the Centaur’s horse back where a saddle would normally be then to his tail. It was obviously made to prevent an attacker from jumping on the Centaur’s back and stabbing him. Around his neck were metal guards to protect the vulnerable neck. The Centaurs leather armor fronts were made from boiled leather. This made the leather hard and form fitting. For weapons the Centaurs carried both long and short swords.

The Centaurs moved to the side next to the road. There they stood and watched the loading of the Carts. Susan thought that these Centaurs must have been the ones Hayden mentioned that he would be sending along with the temple priest. Shin Watched as the carts were loaded. He observed them loading Hay, oats, water as well as several barrels, which contained their food he thought. Altogether there were two carts. Their packs would go on the last one. Slick also watched and wondered if servants or Commonals would pull the carts.

Slick looked at his watch. The time was just a few minutes to 10Am, he had no idea if it was truly accurate or not. There came four Commonals being lead by 2 servants. Their harnesses were attached to the 2 carts. The servants gathered the group’s packs and put them on the last cart. Some animal yelled something in that strange language and everyone either followed or took the lead in front of the procession. Susan, Kate, Shin and Slick watched as the procession went by and then joined in at the rear.

The female Satyr that Slick had thought had smiled at him earlier walked by. Slick got a close look. He was even more intrigued than before. He loved her eyes and her slender flowing body. There was something about a green eyed female in armor that Slick was aroused by. Slick joined the rest of the group in the rear of the procession.

Travel was easy but boring. The group could only talk some to each other and look at the countryside as they walked by. Shin thought to himself “there are so many ruins, some scorched by fire or other damage”. Susan and Kate could hardly stay awake, as each foot seemed to weigh more and more. It was a good thing that it would be dark soon.

Slick was being mesmerized by how the female Satyr’s ass swayed from side to side in front of him. She would ever so often glance back at Slick. Slick would pretend to not be watching her.

At about an hour before dark, the procession came to a halt. They moved into a small clearing a short distance from the road. It seemed to Shin and the rest that this would be camp for the night. The servants gave out each his/her pack from the last cart. Then they went about the business of collecting the night’s wood for the fires. Susan and Kate went and laid out their blankets and prepared their beds next to each other. Behind them was a large fallen tree. The Centaurs sent to guard the temple priest made their beds just on the opposite side of the fallen tree where the girls had bed down. Shin wondered whom they were really protecting. Susan and Kate ate some food the servants had prepared. Kate fell asleep, and Susan covered her up.

Slick and Shin sat leaning against a log, watching the fire. A servant came by and served them some food. They also keep the fire going in shifts. Slick and Shin enjoyed the warmth of the fire. It wasn’t but an hour or two that a full moon came out and lit up the night and somewhat the forest. Slick moved his eyes away from the fire and looked at the forest with its shadows and brightness. Shin made his bed and went to sleep. Slick just looked on into the forest thinking of the female Satyr.

The camp became quiet with the exception of the occasional servant with a new piece of wood and the crackle of the fire near him. He looked at his watch. The watch said 10:05. As he looked back into the forest a whitish figure a ways back in the forest caught his eye. He thought at first he was seeing things. As he continued to watch the figure moved slowly gracefully through the forest toward him. Slick didn’t know if he should alert someone or what. He stood up and looked around. Everyone was asleep. The figure moved closer and now he could make out that it was a Satyr. As it came closer to the edge of the clearing he could see in the moonlight that it was a female and naked. Again he looked around everyone was asleep. The female Satyr pointed at slick with a finger and then motioned to come to her. Slick hesitated. The Satyr took a few steps into the forest and turned again. Motioning to slick to follow into the forest.

As the Satyr turned and walked into the forest a second time, he could see her cute tail lifting up inviting. She turned and he could see her motioning to him yet again. He walked around the log and moved towards the forest. She went to where it seemed darker and stopped. He continued his path toward her. As he got closer, he could see that she was totally naked . when moonlight shinnied on her white horns with the gold inlaid, it was bright and marvelous. Her fur all white and short covered her body completely. At last he was in front of her taking her in with his eyes. She made a slight murring sound as she took hold of his hand. She brought him close to herself and placed his hand between her legs as she spread them. Slick was at a loss to know what to do next. All this was so unexpected. She took his finger and placed it to her pussy. Slowly pushing it inside of her as she murred once again. Slick felt her warmth. She was very wet and as he moved his finger inside of her he could feel her quiver.

He took his finger from her pussy and took off his tunic and shirt. The Satyr fumbled with his belt for a minute and then dropped his pants and underwear. Slick kicked them away, as she took his cock into her hand. She stroked his cock. Slick was very, very hard. She looked down at his cock and bent over down to her knees. She took his cock with her mouth at first with her tongue. Slick could not believe how pretty she was up close with her goat like head, eyes and horns. She sucked on his cock and rolled it on her tongue and at the same time stroked it. Slick thought this felt really good, her teeth never touching his cock. With her other hand she felt his balls. He could feel how warm her hand was against them.

She stood up. Then bent down on knees again this time facing away from him. Slick knew what she wanted as her tail lifted up and flagged. He got down behind her. His cock rock hard and ready to be spent. As he placed his cock up to her pussy he could feel his cock moving past the short fur which covered her. As he pushed his cock forward he could feel the heat coming from her pussy. As his cock entered her pussy it opened and stretched slightly. He began to put more of his member in her as she made more goat-like sounds lowly. He then……… But that is for part 7 of the Realm of Fauna.

****Update: Fixed a typo: I used the name of "Sally" rather than the actual charactors name Susan. 4/20/10 ****

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