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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Realm of Fauna 4 (a beasti story)

As promised the continued story of The Realm of Fauna….

Kate walked back to the stall where they were housed. On the way there her mind was filled with the images of her sister and Drayden having sex. As she walked back on the dimly lit streets of the town, she passed Centaurs in armor patrolling. As she walked by another stall she noticed two centaurs standing next to each other bushing each other. At first she thought it was odd but then realized a centaur can’t reach all of themselves. To have friends or humans to do it for them would be a plus. She noticed in the light that both centaurs were males. As they brushed each other it must have been pleasing, as they each in turn would drop their cocks down.

Kate just stood there and watched. Her mind was filled with the sight of those huge cocks and what her sister had done.

Kate found herself drawn to the two males. She walked up. At first the two males were startled. She heard them utter the language she heard before but could not understand. She then heard English word hello from each of them. Without saying anything she took the brush from the hand of one of the Centaurs and started brushing them making sure she made as much contact with them as she brushed. Slowly while she brushed she removed her clothing, starting with her top. Within 20 minutes she was naked. Both centaurs were soon hard and Susan let go of the brush put herself closely between the two centaurs. She could grab and rub as she knelt down both of their cocks. She could feel how much like velvet the skin on their cocks felt. She was totally turned on now. She took the first centaurs cock in her mouth slowly licking it with her tongue. She slowly put it deeper into her mouth pressing hard on the shaft with her lips. And moving the huge cock out of her mouth so to lick the tip with her tongue. Her other hand grasped around the cock’s ridge and squeezed it in rhythm with her mouth. The centaur would whinny and moan as she worked on him. The other centaur just stood by hard and waited his inevitable turn.

Kate started to taste what she thought was pre-cum. This turned Kate on and she wanted more. She sucked faster and with more force. Shortly she could feel Some thing growing in her mouth. It grew quickly and all at once the huge cock was stuck in her mouth, she could not pull it out. She had allowed the horse to flair in her mouth and now, realized that this was a mistake maybe.

She continued to squeeze the cock ridge. She could feel a pulsing deep within the fully hard cock. Suddenly she could feel a gush in the back of her mouth, which matched the now heavy pulsing in the cock’s ridge. As the second gush came in her mouth she knew it was cum and she liked the taste. There was so much that she had to swallow as fast as she could to keep from drowning in centaurs's cum. As the last gushes of cum came in her mouth as she swallowed, the cock loosened and she could get it out of her mouth. It was just in time to get the last thick squirt of cum in her mouth to savor the favor as the cock began to go soft. The centaur let out a sigh. She used her tongue to poke at the thick cum in her mouth and taste it fully. She then swallowed it in a mass gulp. She felt like she had drank a whole coke in seconds. It excited her as the second centaur moved into position for his turn. She was thinking maybe she wanted to do more. She thought she might try to take this cock within her. The thought excited her.......

But that is part five of the story …… come back in two weeks to read the next erotic part of the continuing sage of the Realm Of Fauna……….