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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Witch Hunt Begins

By now many of you that have come to my site, have noticed a big change. The info and my opinions on various subjects are gone. Well, its been long time coming. Those that find me a purist may be relieved, others the majority may look at it as a loss. Either way. I will continue the story, i see no reason why it should die.

There is allot going on over the past three months in the old community. All i am going to say at this time is watch who you know. Even if you have known them awhile. Avoid the forums (you know which ones). Delete all info on these forums (pictures, names, anything that can be traced directly to you). Remember that once you post such things, it become publicly known and can be used against you. Yes even talking about things can get you investigated.

This is real, I'm not being paranoid. That's why my blog posts are now gone. Many of you will not like the changes that the powers that be have in store for you. Keep on your present course and i assure you, you will be known. Nothing than this warning can i do about it. Its all in your hands. You know if you been reading the past blog posts what to do.

As i am able i will update this post and include more information.

@2011 DP

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Realm of Fauna 8 (a beasti Story)

I now what some of you are thinking. its about time. so here goes.

The Realm of Fauna 8 (a Beasti Story)

Slick awoke in the arms of Amethyst. She had wrapped herself around him to keep him warm with her fur. Shin and the girls were huddled together as they woke. Amethyst had stayed up to guard all night. As soon as Amethyst knew slick was awake, she smiles at him and kissed him gently on the lips. Slick though maybe he was dreaming again.

Amethyst stood up and looked at the group. She smiled as she seen Susan and Kate with their hair in a mess. Amethyst told Slick that they should find something to eat. Slick nodded. Amethyst went into the woods. She was gone for about 2 hours. When she returned she had food wrapped in her clothing. Slick was surprised, as she was almost naked. Shin couldn’t help but look. The girls seemed a bit embarrassed.

As Amethyst moved you could see her curvy shape in much detail. Her breasts were just right for her size. Her rear had a cute stubby tail, which wagged from time to time like a flag.

What Amethyst had wrapped in her clothing was nuts and berries she had gathered. Each took a portion and began to eat. While they were eating, Amethyst told slick what they were going to do next. Slick nodded and explained to the others what she had said to him. They agreed with her and slick conveyed this to Amethyst. Amethyst’s plan was to continue to the temple and deliver the box to the people there. She figured it would be safe there. After slick had eaten, he took the box and opened it. Everyone took notice as a whitish light came from within the box outward. Amethyst, looked over and said to Slick, “put that away.” Slick closed the box, the image in his mind very fresh. What Slick had seen was several coins made of what seemed to be gold. They had writing on them, which Slick could not read. The others looked at Slicks face; they could tell he had seen something amazing inside the box.

Shin asked him, “what did you see?” Slick Said, “gold coins, with writing on them.” Amethyst spoke up but again only Slick understood her. She said, “ Yes the relic coins of OrinocoYakima the founding priest of the temple the father of enlightenment. Only the high priests know of the magic that is locked away within them.” Slick repeated what she said back to the group. Shin, Susan and Kate nodded.

Slick asked “how am I able to understand you?” Amethyst answered, “The priests of the temple have powers to do many things. It will wear off soon I fear by late tomorrow so we must get to the temple.” The others grabbed the gear they had left and looked to amethyst to lead the way. Slick told her they were ready to go. And the group once more continued their journey.

All day they moved swiftly through the forest. Amethyst knew exactly it seemed by instinct where to go. The group rarely talked. They knew the importance of keeping fairly quiet. They day dragged on but just when the sun was at its lowest, the party took a break. Amethyst seemed worried. Slick got asked to inquire as to what was bothering her. Slick asked, “You seem to be bothered by something?” Amethyst said, “I have been hearing sounds not of the forest. Like as if we are being followed.” Slick recalled hearing nothing. He asked Shin, Susan and Kate if they heard anything. They responded in kind, No. Slick talked with Amethyst more. He asked her what they should do. She replied, “Wait and set a trap”. Slick was unsure but agreed. He told the others. Amethyst told Slick that they would wait until night make a fire and the girls would wait by the fire as bait. Amethyst, Shin and Slick would wait in ambush outside of firelight.

The sun had gone down as the others finished gathering wood for the night. Susan and Kate set up their places with swords near them by the fire. Amethyst took up positions with Slick and Shin. Hours went by, and Amethyst smelled something on the cool evening air. She took her blade from its sheath. Amethyst hesitated and listened. Suddenly, a Centaur bust into camp in front of Susan and Kate. Susan grabbed her sword and pushed Kate behind her. The Centaur raised his blade to strike. Then he got this look in his eye and lowered his blade. Amethyst said to him, “hold”. The Centaur stood there a bit weary. He looked around, his blade dripped with blood; he had been wounded in many places along his flanks. His hard leather armor had given way to several blows, which had dripped of freshly dried blood.

Amethyst said to him, “are you the only one?” The centaur nodded and collapsed on his side. Kate ran to him, as she knew it was one of the Centaurs she had played with back in the village. Susan and Kate used their lower parts of their dresses and began to aide the injured Centaur. Amethyst took her dagger and put it in the fire to heat the blade. She then placed the blade into the wounds. The Centaur writhed in pain and the smell of burned flesh almost made Kate sick. The centaur had a slight fever and his blood loss was extensive. Amethyst told slick to wait here, she would get some herbs that would help her colleague. Amethyst went off in the dark alone. After an hour she came back with a handful of herbs in her hand. She removed some bandages. Wasting no time she washed them slightly and wrapped up the worst of the wounds with the herbs. She looked at Slick, said, “he will be weak but better in a few hours unless his spirit is broken.”

Slick inquired, “Unless his spirit is broken?” Amethyst said yes, a Centaur when they have fought long and hard, may give into death. This one hadn’t thought about it until he seen Susan and Kate. His duty being to protect them. Once that fulfilled, his drive to duty vanished. He gave into his injuries. “I admire them”, Amethyst said, “Proud, loyal and skillful. It’s always an honor to serve with them.” Slick nodded that he understood.

Kate tended the Centaur until she fell asleep. Her arm over the back of him, she could feel his heat and it kept her warm. Shin slept close to Susan. Amethyst held Slick for warmth but only slightly rested. Slick was out like a light.

During the night, Kate could hear the Centaur moan and knew that he was in pain, She looked around not wanting the others to see and then held him a bit tighter. Her actions seemed to calm him and comfort him back to sleep quietly. The Centaur dreamed of a green field, greener than he had ever seen in Fauna. It was then he seen his aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters through time way back. He did not know all their names, but they seemed friendly to him. And from time to time he could feel caring arms around him. But could not see who they were from. He saw his uncle whom had been killed 6 months ago in a Drell raid. His uncle spoke. “Leave, you will have no pasture here.” At that point he drifted away and was back walking a dark road in his dream.

The morning came with the wrestling of the Centaur trying to get to his feet. He paused as he seen Kate lying next to him. He stopped and just looked at her. He was feeling better, and knew whose caring hands had been there for him. Binding him to this world.

Amethyst looked over and smiled at the Centaur. Slick awoke with his head on the lap of Amethyst and she kissed him gently on the lips. Shin and Susan stirred Kate being the last one to awake. Slick got to his feet and went a short distance to relieve himself. Amethyst looked at everyone smiled and went looking for some food. During the night she had crafted a bow and several arrows. Shin and Susan could see how skillful she was.

Slick returned with some firewood he found laying about the forest. Shin and Susan seeing this left to get more firewood but stayed close to the camp.

Kate got up from where she was by the Centaur. The Centaur also got to his feet. The First thing he did was smile at Kate and gets his weapons. Kate asked how the Centaur was, but he spoke in that language only Slick could understand. Kate acted as though she understood and nodded. Slick said, his name is “Danton”. Kate asked Slick to tell him her name and ask how he was. Danton said, nice to meet you. I am doing much better now. Slick explained that he was the only one that could understand the language. Danton nodded.

Slick and Danton had a long talk while Amethyst was away. Everyone wanted to know what they both had said. Slick smiled at Kate. And when Kate seen him smile she said, “what?” Slick just walked away and Kate turned beat red.

Amethyst came back with several rabbits on her belt. Which she gutted and made ready for cooking over the fire. Danton took from his bag a handful of oats and ate. Afterward he looked for some grass for later. Danton was fairly quiet after Amethyst returned. Kate wondered why but did not ask Slick. Shin, Susan Slick and Kate ate the rabbits. Amethyst ate berries and grass she has collected. Afterward, Amethyst told the rest they needed to be quiet. They were almost at the temple but the Drell were on the road by the bridge. She said she thinks the Drell have laid siege to the temple or are waiting for them. It’s possible that everyone in the temple was dead. Danton gnashed his teeth together and grumbled. Amethyst said she knew a secret way in. but they needed to go around the bridge. She found a way down river where the water was shallow to cross. Slick told the others. They asked Slick to tell Amethyst they understood.

It took them 5 hours to reach the road. Another 2 hours to cross the river. Amethyst said to slick they should rest until late then go in first light. They made a very small fire enough to dry their clothes by but that was all. Danton lay with his head on a log and fell asleep. Kate sat near him. She could not help but notice Danton’s cock slightly out of his sheath. It made her horny and very wet. She looked over and Susan had also noticed it. Susan smiled at her sister. Kate blushed. Amethyst for the first time lay down and slept. She lay there a few feet from Slick. Slick could not help but look under Amethyst’s clothing which were not covering her completely. He could see the outline of her pussy. He wondered if it was like he dreamed. How it would feel as he bred her and came deep in her. It made him hard. Slick decided to snuggle up next to her and rest. Even asleep Amethyst was aware. She allowed Slick to come near and put her arm around him.

Shin stayed up, he figured someone had to. Susan kept close to the fire and went to sleep.

What happens next is part 9……..don’t miss it.

Copyright "DogPhux" April 12th, 2011. Please do not repost any of my storys without my written permission. thanks. This story does not promote bestiality. Its just a story.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell To An Old Friend

My dog had been ill for a while now. He was 12 years old. It started out slow at first as most illnesses do. He was losing weight, would not eat much. I decided against hoping that he would improve. He wasn't and it was time.

Today Monday Oct 11th 2010 , I had him put to sleep.

Now my halls are silent. I do not hear the pitter patter of his feet on my floors. When I look behind me he is not there living up to his name. He does not seek me out to play hide and seek anymore. When I eat, he is not laying down and shyly looking up for a morsel or a plate to lick clean. When I am upset he is not there to lay his head on me as if to say, “It will be ok, I love you.” At night, he won’t be there to snuggle up against me. His food dish will forever remain empty as if waiting for his return. What will remain of him, will live in the memories of those still living. Those lives he also touched. He will live and folic with his mate Boogie and his son Bear once more. He will be with my parents and by my dad’s side waiting for my return.

Shadow, you touched my heart, my life, my soul. You gave me so much and asked so little. You saved my life twice. How do I repay such a debt? I will never forget you. Rest now, you earned it old friend, Farewell.

***Dogphux 10/11/10. Love them everyday, for one day they will be gone and you can never get those lost moments back.***

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sweet Goldie Goodbye

Hello everyone and thanks for sticking with me. I know its been awhile since I posted a Realm of Fauna part. I assure you that it is not dead. But recent Real Life issues have made it difficult to write much.

I have 3 dogs, and as of this coming Monday I will have only one. The first loss, was my Golden Retriever (a rescue) that I have had for 3 years. She started not to eat and bleed a lot. I though at first that it was her cycle, but as a few days passed, it became worse, her appetite all but disappeared. Friday (8th), I could tell she was in pain, so I decided that I needed to take more action. I took her to the vet which confirmed what a friend had said. That she had cancer. That night among tears and sadness the vet put her to sleep.

Even now I miss her, I buried her in my field not far from the house. She was always giving me attention. She had been the light of my life. And to imagine at first I was reluctant to take her.

I was given her because she had killed other female dogs. I knew that if the Humane Society got her, they would put her to sleep, just because of this. So, I took her in. After a few days she began to bring me my socks. I then realized she needed a toy. I bought her a tuggy toy and she loved it. We would play tuggy for a long time. Later I got her a Kong ball. That was her favorite toy. She would ask me to play many, many times. She made sure that she always knew where the ball was. At night she would sleep up by my head and many times give me kisses. If I was sad, like when my dad passed away, she was right there giving me attention. She would lick the tears from my face with her warm tongue. She was one of the most loving dogs I have ever known.

Standing at her grave, looking at her one last time before i covered her for eternity with dirt. It was hard to believe she was gone. I put the ball between her front paws, as she seemed to sleep. I’m going to miss you with all my heart sweet Goldie girl. My love for you is forever.

Sadly, my sorrow is not over yet. My old boy Shadow is next. He too is old and ill at age 12 and Monday, those who read this had better expect another sad post from me.

***DogPhux 10/9/10** Will I get another dog? I don’t know. My hurt and loss is deep.***

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Realm Of Fauna 7 (a beasti story)

You see DogPhux the blog owner sleeping. Suddenly he is startled by your presents. He fell asleep with the storybook in his lap. He looks at you then says, “Where were we…Ahh yes….”

He then put even more of his cock in her. He could feel her stretching. It was tight and he had to really push to get it all the way in her. She moaned and pushed backwards toward him. Slick thought that she seemed more animal than human and this was a turn on for him. He wanted her more than ever. He grabbed at her hips tightly and thrust deep. Slick was a virgin; he had never been with a woman. He had no idea what sex with a woman would be like; he had only fanaticized about it.

Slick could smell her scent. He’d only been around goats once and they had a distinctive smell. Her scent was like sweet honey to him. Her pussy released a sex smell as he pumped her that spoke to his senses. It said loudly, I want your seed.

She moaned to his thrusts. He could feel as he went deep her stretching out and tight around his cock. She began to quiver. He could tell that something was about to happen to her. His inexperience left him to briefly wonder what that was. She pushed harder backward toward his thrusts. It was clear to Slick that she was very into this. As he thrust his dick into her she became very wet, she began to drip down onto his balls. Then it began to run down his left leg. She was really smooth and very wet now. He kept thrusting waiting for what would happen next. She was quivering intensely and shaking. Her moans became drawn out. He could feel her clinch down on his cock and then release, then she let out a long goat like bleat. Slick could feel a gush of warm wetness run out of her. At this same time, slick could feel a pulsating sensation deep within himself. He knew from masturbating that he was about to cum. In a few seconds, he would propel his seed into her. He could feel the pulses coming stronger. He grabbed her as tight as he could and deeply thrust in her. At each pulse, he would go deep and before the next out of her slightly. He gritted his teeth and muttered, “ahhhhhhhh”, ahhhhhhhhhhhh”. He came in her as deeply as he could. Then Slick was spent. He became soft and slipped from her warm depths.

She slumped forward. Breathing heavy. Slick too was breathing heavy. He had worked up a sweat. She moved toward him and she held his hand as she moved him to her lap. Slick laid there, in total awe of what had happened. She said nothing, Slick didn’t know if she would understand. But he said, “your beautiful”. She only looked at his face and smiled.

After a short time, the female Satyr took hold of Slicks cock, she played with it and began to stroke it. Slick began to get hard again. She put it in her mouth. Slick realized that she wasn’t finished and that she wanted more of his cum. She sucked on him with long slow motion like she was building up to something. Slick knew that if she did this much longer that there was no holding back.

Suddenly, He found Susan on top of him. He shifted away from her quickly. He looked around. There was the log next to the fire. Susan said, “Why don’t you go sleep somewhere else. Not where a girl has to walk to go to the bathroom.” Slick couldn’t say anything. He had a hard on that Susan hadn’t noticed. And inside his pants were all wet. He got up and walked to the woods to check it out. Asleep he thought? That he dreamed it all. Away from everyone he dropped his pants and he could smell his cum. He wiped it out of his pants with his hands. He couldn’t help but noticed that there was allot. He pulled up his pants and went back to camp. Susan had gone back to sleep and Shin it seemed had done that long before. Slick used a pillow a servant gave him. The servant smiled at Slick as if he knew something. Slick went to sleep.

The next morning Shin was awakened by a Satyr who poked him with her sword. Seeing Shin awake she moved to the next person. Everyone was cold. Susan and Kate came to the fire wrapped in blankets. The servants had already started to make breakfast. After breakfast was going to be a long day. Slick lumbered close by the fire where the others were. Kate whispered to Susan something and they both giggled. Slick just looked blankly at them. Shin wondered was it was about but was distracted by a servant giving him a plate with food. Shin looked at the food. It was eggs and bacon with bread. Shin said, ‘thank you”. The others of the group were given the same meal. Shin asked others if they thought there was something odd about the meal. Susan and Kate didn’t understand what Shin was asking. Slick said No. Shin said, “the meal is bacon and eggs. Do you know where bacon and eggs come from?” Susan and Kate were horrified. Slick piped in with, “In a realm where mostly animals rule. They are eating animals.” Shin starred at Slick but knew he was right. He asked Slick if there was any mention in the travel book about this. Slick left and returned with the book from his pack. He opened it and scanned a few more pages.

He read aloud what the book said: “The Commonal animals like Pigs and chickens that do not easily mix with humans are looked upon as a food source by humans. Pigs for some reason have never been able to mix with humans very successfully. The Anthrites look down toward this cast of society with disgust hence why humans are allowed to eat them.”

Slick looked up from the book and said, “I guess that answers that.” Slick closed the book and returned it to his pack. He then picked up his plate and began to quickly eat the meal. The others had already done the same. Slick couldn’t help to notice that two of the female Satyr guards had come to the fire to warm themselves as they ate their meal. They were eating grain and sprigs of grass.

Within an hour the servants had packed the carts again. The group knew that shortly they would be on the move again. It seemed that the priest from the temple was in a hurry. He was nervous and wanted to get going as soon as they could. He motioned to several Satyrs and they went and scouted the area. Shin noticed the uneasiness of the priest. Something was bothering the priest. And almost everyone in the encampment knew it. The priest sent a Satyr out to look around. She came back within a half hour but this didn’t make the priest any less nervous.

After the Satyr came back the carts were repacked and ready to move out. The two centaurs smiled at Susan as they walked to their posts. Members of the caravan took positions within it as they had done the day before. They all knew it would be a long day. They all dreaded the walking they were going to do this day.

They walked for about 5 hours. Then the priest stopped to rest and eat a quick meal. A Satyr approached, the priest and said something quietly that disturbed him. Shin could see that the priest was very alarmed. He sent several Satyrs out around the area within sight of the caravan as guards. Slick looked at Shin, he to noticed that something was amiss. They had taken their rest break in a clearing next to the road. The satyrs were on the edge of the encampment. The centaurs stood among the group looking systematically outward at all points where the Satyrs stood. The fifth Satyr kept close to the priest. The servants served up food but didn’t make a fire. They served biscuits and a kind of jerky to the humans while the Anthrites were given grain and water. The satyrs came in one at a time and were replaced with centaurs as this happened. Susan and Kate both noticed how militaristic the movements were and asked Shin what he thought. Shin told Susan, Kate and Slick, “that something was amiss. Ever since the morning when they got up the priest had been nervous.” Susan said “what do you think it is. Shin said, “I don’t know but all the guards are out protecting us.” Slick nodded and Kate just looked concerned. The group ate the food given them and they kept an eye open like everyone else. The meal was uneventful and as the servants packed away what they had removed from the carts, a relaxed feeling came over the caravan. The guards that were out came back into the camp and everything seemed normal.

One of the centaurs walked up to Kate and smiled. But suddenly his smiled turned to a far away look. A small trickle of blood dripped from his mouth. Kate could see a shaft of wood protruding from his side out of his leather armor. His eyes glazed and he fell almost on top of her twitching. His legs were moving as if trying to run and dirt being thrown about with this movement.

Kate screamed. Susan looked over toward her sister’s scream and saw a Satyrs get an arrow in the neck. The Satyr choked and gagged as she fell to the ground. The other Satyrs tried to put on their shields but it was to late. Almost at once the attackers were upon then. A servant yelled a bunch of words but only the word “Drell” could they understand. Arrows or crossbows wounded several of the servants. They were hacked down where they had fallen. The Drell seemed to be everywhere. The Servants ran in shear panic toward the forest. The Drell pursued them and hacked them down with swords and axes. The Satyrs made their stand by the carts skilled in close combat they killed many. The centaur hacked away with his two swords blocking, thrusting and then retreating to again return to the fray. He was wounded many times but continued to fight. He was brave and valiant in his efforts. The screams of the fallen were loud and echoed down the nearby valley. Slick grabbed Kate and ran with sword in hand to where the Satyrs were. Shin and Susan went to where the carts were. The Satyrs were at this point holding the ground there. Shin killed several Drell along the way to the carts. When they arrived at the carts they saw the priest. He was lying on the ground with a crossbow bolt in his upper chest. He was clutching a box and mumbling something.

Shin and Slick joined the battle to help the Satyrs. They fought hard but one more Satyrs fell to their wounds. It was then that the Satyr that Slick liked motioned for the others to head to forest line. They grabbed the wounded priest and headed to the forest. As this happened Slick blocked the thrust of a Drell that attacked the Satyr from behind. She turned and with one quick thrust ended the foul creatures life. She then smiled at Slick. Slick ran to catch up to the others. The Centaur and the last two Satyrs kept fighting. The Satyr that Slick had saved hollered at the others something and then ran to join those heading to the forest.

The group arrived at the forest edge with the priest. He fell again and kept muttering something. Slick was there with him attempting to protect him as best he could. The priest then got Slick’s attention and said some words like in a chant and touched slicks forehead. Slicks head swam but then he could understand the priest. The priest said, “Promise me you will take the box to the temple. Do not let the Drell have it… promise me….” Then the priest died. The Satyr Asked, “is he dead?” Slick looked up and nodded. She said, “my name is Amethyst thank you for saving me back there. We need to keep moving the others back at the carts will only be able to hold them off for a short time. They are not coming with us?” asked Susan. “No” amethyst said. “They are giving their lives so that we can flee. Let move now. The others just stood there; they could not understand what the Satyr had said. Slick looked at them and told them what she said. They nodded, and Amethyst led the way.

They no longer traveled by the road they went right through the forest. In 3 more hours it would be dark. As the light dimmed, it filled Susan with much fear. Amethyst told Slick that they would camp here but with no fire. Slick relayed the message to the others. The group had no blankets or provisions and that made the night even colder. Amethyst paired up with Slick to keep warm. She remained on guard to let everyone sleep. Before bed, Kate came over with Susan and thanked Slick for getting her out of harms way. Slick smiled, then nodded. Kate and Susan said goodnight and returned to where Shin was. The three of them would huddle together to keep warm….. What happens next is for “The Realm Of Fauna 8”

*UPDATE: I keep getting to roles of Susan and Kate confused. I just fixed it in this part. Please bear with me on this. 7/3/10*

****Dogphux 4/20/10 Disclaimer: This does not promote Bestiality or Zoophilia. It's just a story. Please do not repost without my permission***

Friday, January 15, 2010

Realm of Fauna 6 (a beasti story)

The Realm of Fauna thus far........

Hayden returns in a half hour. With him are several servants. The servants are carrying clothes, weapons and other objects. Hayden approaches Shin. Hayden’s servants hands out the clothes and weapons. Among the things handed out is a small booklet the just the size for traveling. Hayden Says, “the book is a common reading for those of the realm.” Shin thanked Hayden on behalf of the group. Slick looked at his clothing. What is this he asked Shin? Shin answered, “It’s called a tunic. Put in on over your shirt and put the weapons belt on at the waist.” As Slick took off his leather jacket a servant came and took it from him. The servant said, “This piece of clothing will be returned when you get back.” It was obvious to Slick that the servant had no idea what a jacket was.

Slick and the rest of the group put on their tunics and weapons. Slick having only seen swords and daggers in old movies was fascinated by it. He grabs from his scabbard the sword and pulls it out. A slight ringing sound is heard as the blade leaves its scabbard. He estimates the sword is just over 2 feet long. Slick admires the sword and notices writing in the blade that he can’t read. He also takes note of how well the sword is made and how sharp both sides of the sword are. After several swipes and thrusts at the air. He returns the sword to its scabbard. Susan and Kate watch and shake their heads.
Shin sees Slick with his sword and decides to show off a bit. In one motion Shin takes his sword from its scabbard with both hands and like a dance makes several advancing cuts through the air. Then returning the sword to its scabbard again in that same smooth motion. It was like watching a Samurai warrior from ancient Japan. As Shin turned to face Slick his eye caught the temple priest, who smiled and nodded. It was clear that he had impressed the temple priest. The temple priest appeared to be a Satyr. His horns were inlaid with a golden pattern in real gold. He looked very majestic. He wore a reddish robe and carried a dagger. The hood on his robe was disproportioned as it was made to fit over his head and horns. It seemed that in his temple he was someone of importance.

Slick went to Shin and asked, “Where did you learn that?” Shim explained. “My father taught me as a young boy. He had said that no young man should be without some kind of protection.” Slick then flicked open his switchblade and said, “I can relate.”

The priest waited as his and Hayden’s servants loaded up the cart for the trip. Around The priest Slick sees five female Satyr guards, their cloths and horns were almost blinding white. The breast cups were made of a bronze type metal and engraved with ornate etchings. The female Satyrs had slim curvy bodies and carried sword, spear and a shield on their backs. The sight of them and their green eyes intrigued Slick and he found himself oddly attracted.

Slick was quite bored waiting for them to get moving. He took the booklet out of his pack and began to read it. Inside the cover of the booklet was a note stating that this was the second edition as the first was wrote in Chinese. The writer of both versions was the Tibetan Priest OrinocoYakima. Slick found this to be interesting. The book contained some definitions created in part by OrinocoYakima. They were written in an intelligent and sciences like way. As if a botanist had collected them.

The three types of animal life in the Realm Of Fauna:

1) Commonal (Com-mon-al)= an animal in its normal species and breeding of Non- human cross species. This species does not speak and has limited recognition of words.

2) Nominals= (Nom-in-als) animal/human cross breed where the animal appears to be Commonal in aspect and appearance. However has a marked increase in intelligence and speech ability. Their speech is limited as they are closer to Commonals.

3) Anthrites= (An-thri-tes) Are the most evolved human/animal species. They have both higher levels of intelligence and human-like characteristics. There are two types of Anthrites. The two legged and the quad legged.

The writer notes: “The animal aspect is never lost through the generations. It is retained to 1/3 of the species make up.”

The book goes on to explain how humans ended up in the realm of Fauna many centuries ago. Orinoco thought that humans arrived much the same way as he had. The portal he thought was more like a land bridge but it somehow allowed humans to cross over physically. Then somehow it must have been lost.
Slick pondered the theory for a while then read more. The book went on to say that humans were not slaves. They are paid as workers or servants and given great care by their employers. Slick heard a servant calling out and took the booklet and put it back in his pack. As he put the book away, Slick noticed one of the Satyr females looking his way. He couldn’t help himself but to look back with a long stare. The female Satyr seemed to smile back. Slick looked away quickly.

Susan and Kate stopped throwing rocks across the road as soon as they seen the two Centaurs approaching. As they past by, Susan recognized them as the ones she was with last night. As they passed by they smiled and slightly bowed to them. Kate thought this was odd, but Susan knew what it was about. She was beet red and she lowered her head as they passed.

The two Centaurs had on interesting armor. The Armor consisted of a reinforced thick plate that went down the human aspect of the centaur’s back and extended to the Centaur’s horse back where a saddle would normally be then to his tail. It was obviously made to prevent an attacker from jumping on the Centaur’s back and stabbing him. Around his neck were metal guards to protect the vulnerable neck. The Centaurs leather armor fronts were made from boiled leather. This made the leather hard and form fitting. For weapons the Centaurs carried both long and short swords.

The Centaurs moved to the side next to the road. There they stood and watched the loading of the Carts. Susan thought that these Centaurs must have been the ones Hayden mentioned that he would be sending along with the temple priest. Shin Watched as the carts were loaded. He observed them loading Hay, oats, water as well as several barrels, which contained their food he thought. Altogether there were two carts. Their packs would go on the last one. Slick also watched and wondered if servants or Commonals would pull the carts.

Slick looked at his watch. The time was just a few minutes to 10Am, he had no idea if it was truly accurate or not. There came four Commonals being lead by 2 servants. Their harnesses were attached to the 2 carts. The servants gathered the group’s packs and put them on the last cart. Some animal yelled something in that strange language and everyone either followed or took the lead in front of the procession. Susan, Kate, Shin and Slick watched as the procession went by and then joined in at the rear.

The female Satyr that Slick had thought had smiled at him earlier walked by. Slick got a close look. He was even more intrigued than before. He loved her eyes and her slender flowing body. There was something about a green eyed female in armor that Slick was aroused by. Slick joined the rest of the group in the rear of the procession.

Travel was easy but boring. The group could only talk some to each other and look at the countryside as they walked by. Shin thought to himself “there are so many ruins, some scorched by fire or other damage”. Susan and Kate could hardly stay awake, as each foot seemed to weigh more and more. It was a good thing that it would be dark soon.

Slick was being mesmerized by how the female Satyr’s ass swayed from side to side in front of him. She would ever so often glance back at Slick. Slick would pretend to not be watching her.

At about an hour before dark, the procession came to a halt. They moved into a small clearing a short distance from the road. It seemed to Shin and the rest that this would be camp for the night. The servants gave out each his/her pack from the last cart. Then they went about the business of collecting the night’s wood for the fires. Susan and Kate went and laid out their blankets and prepared their beds next to each other. Behind them was a large fallen tree. The Centaurs sent to guard the temple priest made their beds just on the opposite side of the fallen tree where the girls had bed down. Shin wondered whom they were really protecting. Susan and Kate ate some food the servants had prepared. Kate fell asleep, and Susan covered her up.

Slick and Shin sat leaning against a log, watching the fire. A servant came by and served them some food. They also keep the fire going in shifts. Slick and Shin enjoyed the warmth of the fire. It wasn’t but an hour or two that a full moon came out and lit up the night and somewhat the forest. Slick moved his eyes away from the fire and looked at the forest with its shadows and brightness. Shin made his bed and went to sleep. Slick just looked on into the forest thinking of the female Satyr.

The camp became quiet with the exception of the occasional servant with a new piece of wood and the crackle of the fire near him. He looked at his watch. The watch said 10:05. As he looked back into the forest a whitish figure a ways back in the forest caught his eye. He thought at first he was seeing things. As he continued to watch the figure moved slowly gracefully through the forest toward him. Slick didn’t know if he should alert someone or what. He stood up and looked around. Everyone was asleep. The figure moved closer and now he could make out that it was a Satyr. As it came closer to the edge of the clearing he could see in the moonlight that it was a female and naked. Again he looked around everyone was asleep. The female Satyr pointed at slick with a finger and then motioned to come to her. Slick hesitated. The Satyr took a few steps into the forest and turned again. Motioning to slick to follow into the forest.

As the Satyr turned and walked into the forest a second time, he could see her cute tail lifting up inviting. She turned and he could see her motioning to him yet again. He walked around the log and moved towards the forest. She went to where it seemed darker and stopped. He continued his path toward her. As he got closer, he could see that she was totally naked . when moonlight shinnied on her white horns with the gold inlaid, it was bright and marvelous. Her fur all white and short covered her body completely. At last he was in front of her taking her in with his eyes. She made a slight murring sound as she took hold of his hand. She brought him close to herself and placed his hand between her legs as she spread them. Slick was at a loss to know what to do next. All this was so unexpected. She took his finger and placed it to her pussy. Slowly pushing it inside of her as she murred once again. Slick felt her warmth. She was very wet and as he moved his finger inside of her he could feel her quiver.

He took his finger from her pussy and took off his tunic and shirt. The Satyr fumbled with his belt for a minute and then dropped his pants and underwear. Slick kicked them away, as she took his cock into her hand. She stroked his cock. Slick was very, very hard. She looked down at his cock and bent over down to her knees. She took his cock with her mouth at first with her tongue. Slick could not believe how pretty she was up close with her goat like head, eyes and horns. She sucked on his cock and rolled it on her tongue and at the same time stroked it. Slick thought this felt really good, her teeth never touching his cock. With her other hand she felt his balls. He could feel how warm her hand was against them.

She stood up. Then bent down on knees again this time facing away from him. Slick knew what she wanted as her tail lifted up and flagged. He got down behind her. His cock rock hard and ready to be spent. As he placed his cock up to her pussy he could feel his cock moving past the short fur which covered her. As he pushed his cock forward he could feel the heat coming from her pussy. As his cock entered her pussy it opened and stretched slightly. He began to put more of his member in her as she made more goat-like sounds lowly. He then……… But that is for part 7 of the Realm of Fauna.

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Realm of Fauna 5 (a beasti story)

The Story Of the realm of Fauna Continues….. Part 5

Kate moves a little and got herself under the second centaur. Her chin still dripping slightly from the centaurs cum. She went underneath the centaur and spread herself to take him as she leaned onto a haybale. She wanted this huge cock inside her like she had seen Susan. She pressed the huge head against he pussy lips, and added as much force as she could. She started to stretch and it almost went in her, but it would not go in. The centaur felt the pressure and he pushed carefully but hard. It would not go in her. She tried three more times, no go. Each time, the centaur got closer to the no return point until the last time. He could not hold back any longer. Kate was holding his huge cock pushing so tightly against her pussy when he let go with his seed. His head flared and she could feel his heated seed going into her. It was like an intense flood. She could feel every pulse through his cock as she held it. Kate began to climax with tremors that ran through her being. Every nerve in her brain was on fire. She let out an “ahhhh” as she shook in climax. The cock became slightly limp and let out one more weak pulse of cum. Kate let the cock go and fell limp on the hay bale she was now exhausted. As she lay there, cum oozed out from her pussy and onto the hay. The centaurs went to the corner and took a pee. They looked back at her as if to say thanks. She just smiled and got dressed. She patted the centaurs as she walked by them to leave.

Kate was now exhausted, the day had been both long and more exciting than she had ever would of thought. She walked back to her barn stall and went and lay down. She was almost asleep as soon as her head went against her jacket that she used to make a pillow.

Susan and Kate didn‘t get much sleep as within two hours the sun was up. The guys woke up almost at the same time. Sally came strolling in and looked as thought she had had a nightmare. Her hair was tangled with straw and hay. She went into the stall that Kate and her were supposed to be in and told Kate to wake up it was time to go. Kate responded with “morning already, damn.”

At the same time that the group was waking up, a servant was also sent to wake up the group on behalf of Hayden. The servant said, “good morning. Did you all sleep well?” Various moan and groans were all that was given. The Servant said please gather your things and follow me. Shin, Slick, Sally and Kate grabbed their jackets and shoes and followed the servant. The servant lead them what appeared to be a normal house. Slick wondered why the Centaur chief did not live in a barn like the other Centaurs.

As the servant opened the door the group went inside. They discovered that it was not a normal house at all. The hallways were all extra wide. Ceilings were 25 feet high. The stairs within this place were ramps with smooth slopes. Gold candleholders and purple velvet drapes and tapestries where common. Everything was extra huge and lavish.

The moved to the main hall, there stood a long wide table made of dark wood inlaid with gold and finely made chairs adorned this place. Waiting servants escorted them to their seats. About a minute later Hayden came into the hall, with him was Hayden’s son Drayden. Drayden smiled as he looked at Susan. Susan blushed as she looked away to not let Drayden see her blushing. Kate looked at Drayden with a big smile. Shin and slick didn’t notice anything that was going on.

Hayden stood at the table as more servants came into the room to serve breakfast. Hayden looked at the group and asked, “were you all comfortable?” The group nodded. “Then lets eat,” he continued. This had to be the most weirdest breakfast setting the group had ever seen. The servants dished out to Hayden and his son green hay with carrot strips and a goblet of water. Shin, Slick, Kate and Susan were served leg of pig, eggs and whole rye bread with wine. Conversation was non-existent as everyone was busy eating his or her meal. Hayden finished and sat quietly sipping his goblet of water, which during the meal a servant attending him filled 7 times.

At last everyone was finished their meal as servants removed the used plates away from the table. Hayden looked up from his goblet and looked at each of the group. He then looked at Shin and said, “In my rudeness last night, I meant to ask if there is anything I could help you with.” Shin responded, “Yes I think you might, we are here on a quest.” Hayden added, “what kind of quest”. Shin continued, “We do not know, we were told before we stepped through the arc that we were to complete some kind of quest. Hayden said, “You came through the arch?” “No one has come through the arch in many, many years. Since before I was born even. I have heard stories and legend. In the library there is a book it tells tales of the arch. Maybe you should take a look at the book.” Shin nodded and said, where is the library?” Hayden said, “I will send a servant with you follow him.” A servant motioned to them to follow.

As they walked through the village, they see others going about their business and daily routine. Everyone seems content to do their tasks and smiled at them as they walked by. When they reached the library the servant just pointed at the door and turned and walked back to the Hayden’s estate. They opened the large doors lined with bars and walked inside. As the light came in and their eyes focused they saw a normal size desk. Complete with ink well, feather pen and parchment. Behind the desk was a creature that looked like a Satyr. His horns were as white as ivory but inlaid with a remarkable gold pattern. His robe was a deep bright green and his eyes blue like the sky.

As they stood they’re looking around. The Satyr looked up and said, “Strangers, What doth thou need?” in perfect old style English. Slick said, in “To look at the book about the arch”. The Satyr told them “yes Drayden doth said you might gaze upon its pages last night. Go yee on the back shelf. Useith the ladder to reach it. The book with gold without its sides can’t miss it. Oh and my name is Lormas, if I can be of any further help please let me know.” Shin and Slick thanked Lormas. The girls remained quiet but followed Shin and Slick. They spread out and looked upward to find the golden book. Sally spotted the book and with help from Kate, used the ladder. Sally climbed up and took the book from its shelf.

She couldn’t help but notice the craftsmanship of this book. It was covered in real leaf gold. Sally opened the book. Within the cover on the left she could read in English “This book was commissioned by the temple of Tibet on order of OrinocoYakima. It was followed by what seemed to be an algebra equation. Which looked like 5s=12h. Neither Kate nor the others had any idea what it meant.

Each took turns reading the book or read over the shoulder of others. The book said that 4000 years ago a man came trough the archway like they did. He was dressed in robes. His name was Orinoco Yakima. While in the realm of Fauna he did some wonderful things, which the people and creatures of Fauna looked up to him with great admiration. He founded the temple of Tibetan clerics. He learned great magiks and wonderment. One thing the book was clear on was that the book quests would never be exactly the same as the next group before it. Before he died he returned through the archway where he said others would follow when needed. He was offered all kinds of gold and silver but left with common things but claimed he was wealthy, the people could not understand

As the group read to the end of the chapter, they couldn’t understand why they could not read the other chapters. They asked Lormas if he could read it. Lormas was not able to read it either, nor the first chapter. Kate put the book back on the shelf and thanked Lormas. They returned to Hayden’s estate.

Once at the estate they were rushed in to see Hayden. It seemed Hayden too wanted to know what was in the book. Once they reached the large hall Hayden was already there, he was enjoying a few carrot snacks. Susan spoke up and told Hayden of Orinoco Yakima and the temple of Tibet. Hayden’s eyes opened wider. He interrupted Susan and said, “We have a priest here from the Tibet temple in the south. He had been on the road for several days and we gave him sanctuary here to rest, with his guards and servants. Said something briefly about some mission he was on. He is leaving later today I am told. Maybe I could send a messenger to ask permission for you to join him? “ Shin spoke and said, “Yes Hayden that would be good.” Hayden looked at one servant closest to him and spoke to him in that strange language they heard before. The servant bowed and left in a hurry.

Slick then returned to what the book told and recounted it all to Hayden. While slick was talking Hayden’s son entered the great hall and stood over by his father and listened. Smiling ever so often at Susan. Susan was now no longer embarrassed. She could not deny it felt good to be with Drayden.

While they waited the servants served wine and water. Then shortly the servant came back. He bowed and spoke at length to Hayden. Hayden nodded several times and then the servant bowed and returned to his former station. Hayden spoke slowly, “The priest has reluctantly agreed to allow you to accompany him. He claims that there has been trouble to the north with the creatures called the Drell. Slick piped in and asked, "What is a Drell?" Hyden answred, "The Drell are a mixed race of disgusting creatures. Offspring of Dogs, pig and Orc. Their fur is always pale like the dead or aged. They smell like the dead. They are crewel and untrustworthy. You can go with the priest but understand it may be dangerous. He only agreed to let you go because you are from the archway. I will make preparations; I will also send two of my finest warriors to aid the priest’s mission. If you want anything please tell the head servant." Hayden leaves with his son.

Hayden returns in a half hour… But that is for part 6. The plot thickens. Be prepared for more sex and story of the realm of Fauna…in two weeks. Don’t forget to tell your friend and subscribe so you don’t miss the next update.

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The Realm of Fauna 4 (a beasti story)

As promised the continued story of The Realm of Fauna….

Kate walked back to the stall where they were housed. On the way there her mind was filled with the images of her sister and Drayden having sex. As she walked back on the dimly lit streets of the town, she passed Centaurs in armor patrolling. As she walked by another stall she noticed two centaurs standing next to each other bushing each other. At first she thought it was odd but then realized a centaur can’t reach all of themselves. To have friends or humans to do it for them would be a plus. She noticed in the light that both centaurs were males. As they brushed each other it must have been pleasing, as they each in turn would drop their cocks down.

Kate just stood there and watched. Her mind was filled with the sight of those huge cocks and what her sister had done.

Kate found herself drawn to the two males. She walked up. At first the two males were startled. She heard them utter the language she heard before but could not understand. She then heard English word hello from each of them. Without saying anything she took the brush from the hand of one of the Centaurs and started brushing them making sure she made as much contact with them as she brushed. Slowly while she brushed she removed her clothing, starting with her top. Within 20 minutes she was naked. Both centaurs were soon hard and Susan let go of the brush put herself closely between the two centaurs. She could grab and rub as she knelt down both of their cocks. She could feel how much like velvet the skin on their cocks felt. She was totally turned on now. She took the first centaurs cock in her mouth slowly licking it with her tongue. She slowly put it deeper into her mouth pressing hard on the shaft with her lips. And moving the huge cock out of her mouth so to lick the tip with her tongue. Her other hand grasped around the cock’s ridge and squeezed it in rhythm with her mouth. The centaur would whinny and moan as she worked on him. The other centaur just stood by hard and waited his inevitable turn.

Kate started to taste what she thought was pre-cum. This turned Kate on and she wanted more. She sucked faster and with more force. Shortly she could feel Some thing growing in her mouth. It grew quickly and all at once the huge cock was stuck in her mouth, she could not pull it out. She had allowed the horse to flair in her mouth and now, realized that this was a mistake maybe.

She continued to squeeze the cock ridge. She could feel a pulsing deep within the fully hard cock. Suddenly she could feel a gush in the back of her mouth, which matched the now heavy pulsing in the cock’s ridge. As the second gush came in her mouth she knew it was cum and she liked the taste. There was so much that she had to swallow as fast as she could to keep from drowning in centaurs's cum. As the last gushes of cum came in her mouth as she swallowed, the cock loosened and she could get it out of her mouth. It was just in time to get the last thick squirt of cum in her mouth to savor the favor as the cock began to go soft. The centaur let out a sigh. She used her tongue to poke at the thick cum in her mouth and taste it fully. She then swallowed it in a mass gulp. She felt like she had drank a whole coke in seconds. It excited her as the second centaur moved into position for his turn. She was thinking maybe she wanted to do more. She thought she might try to take this cock within her. The thought excited her.......

But that is part five of the story …… come back in two weeks to read the next erotic part of the continuing sage of the Realm Of Fauna……….

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Realm of Fauna 3 (a beasti story)

And now the continuation of the story thus far...........

He could feel her as she stretched to allow his cock into her. She was tighter than any mare he had ever been in. All he could think about was the wetness and how it would feel good to breed her.

Susan’s too knew how good it would feel, to feel this very large cock plunge into her and for Drayden to loose his seed within her. Susan pulled his cock into her even deeper. For Drayden it was very hard for him not to just go deep. He wanted to be gentle. But his equine instinct wanted more than anything to fulfill his stallion need to mate. Susan was entirely into it. Her mind was filled with all the times she had watched on the farm the stallion mating the mare. How brutal and powerful the stallion was. Her mind focused on one image in her mind. The image was when the stallion let go his seed into the mare. How there was so much cum. So much in fact that it splashed out past the huge horse cock and everywhere. She began to take him deeper and deeper. Soon she could feel the ridge on his cock and knew she had most of his huge cock in her. It was tight and hurt some but Susan did not care as her mind was still filled with that image of the stallion.

She leaned forward and lay on the bale. Spreading her legs as wide as she could. Drayden could feel Susan’s back against his stomach. Drayden could wait no longer. He began to pound her faster. Sally could feel the ridge going out and in past her clit. The rhythm drove here into orgasm frenzy. She came again and again. She contracted again and again inside. She became so wet that she dripped as she brought her hand to her clit. Drayden knew that any second he would cum deep in this mare.

Susan could feel something growing inside her. At first she was at a loss to know what it was. Then she felt a pulsing inside herself. She remembered that stallion’s cock’s flair just as they are about to cum. She braced herself with both hands on the bale of hay. Drayden felt a deep throbbing as his cock began to dump his seed. As he thrust several times and with those thrusts a major gush of his cum came. Susan was both cuming and being cum in. She could feel as the stallions cum filled her, her insides grow and then loss as it pushed its way out of her pussy and past his cock. Over and over he came not wanting to stop. Susan could feel his cum running out her pussy as each thrust delivered more. It was very warm and it ran slowly down her leg. Then Drayden was done. What seemed like forever ending only in two minutes. He stood there still in her. His cock becoming soft as he felt it slowly slips out of Susan’s pussy. Then finally, you could hear a suction sound and from within Susan’s pussy a gush of thick whitish cum came forth. She stood up and it flowed down her legs. She used her hands and spread it all over her body. It smelled good to her. Drayden rubbed his hands on Susan and held her as he leaned down on the hay bale.

They both were exhausted, so exhausted that they never seen the peering eyes of Kate. As she had watched her sister and the Centaur have sex, she to was excited. She wondered what centaur cum tasted like. She remembered back at home and cleaning the sheaths of several stallions and how their cocks felt silky and this was erotic to her. She always kept these thoughts to her self. She thought maybe, she would have to try some things for herself. Kate quietly moved out from the nearby stall to find adventures of her own.

But you will have to read about it here in a couple of weeks from now……..

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Realm of Fauna 2 (beasti story)

Chapter 1 (cont)

The group looks back towards the road and Slick says “where to now”. The others look at Shin for the answer. He replies, “lets go back to the road.” After saying that, Shin starts the long walk back to the road.
While they were walking the group was still partly in a daze from what they all had seen. They hadn’t reached the road quite yet but they could see the road was clear. There were no horses, creatures or humans moving along the road now. Shin began to wonder what to do now. Kate and Susan were quiet and Slick also wondered what they should do when they reached the road.

After about 20 minutes they reached the road. Shin looked to right and left and paused for a moment. Slick reached in his pocket and pulled out a coin and realized it was gold. He stared at it and looked for more but then he remembered he only had a penny on him when he stepped through the archway.
He showed the others, but they had other things more pressing on their minds. Shin especially was thinking where they should go now and paid little attention to Slick. Slick took the coin and said heads we go right, tails we go left. He tossed the coin in the air and grabbed it, smacking it against his arm. Then he peeked and said. “Its heads, we go right”. Shin glad the decision had been made said, “Ok, sounds good”.

They walked for hours through the forest. It was getting late and soon it would be dark. Kate began to feel afraid of what the night would bring. Susan was tired, Slick bored. Shin was wondering what the quest was. As they turned a bend they could see a sort of village or town not far away. Kate said “oh a bed to sleep in”. Susan said, “yeah but I liked the idea of camping”. Slick responded, “Yeah and what kind of beds do you think they will have here?” Susan said, “Leave my sister alone. Jerk”. Slick ignored the comment. Shin just kept walking.

Just as the sun went down the group arrived. They were now on the edge of a village, with Centaurs and a few humans among them. They kept walking and soon were in the village’s square. It was a strange place, everything made of wood or stone. Some of the Centaurs are wearing armor and carried swords, as did some of the humans.
As they looked about a guard Centaur approached them and spoke a few words in a language the group had never heard. Shin said, sorry, we do not speak your language. The Centaur looked at them for a moment then you could here in broken English, “follow me”. Shin nodded and the group followed. They followed the guard to the other side of the village square. Kate couldn’t help but notice the ball sack the Centaur had. She thought to herself “That is so round and big”. While she walked behind the guard it was all she could think about. She watched as it moved from side to side almost hypnotically. The guard stopped in front of a Centaur who looked like one of great importance. The guard spoke in the strange language again. The other centaur nodded and the guard left. The village leader spoke again in the strange language. He spoke once more this time to the group’s amazement in English. He said, “Greetings, I am Hayden chief of this village. Forgive my guards rudeness and mine. I welcome you to our village. All four of them smiled and nodded.

Hayden continued and said, “We don’t get many strangers like yourself here” The group looked puzzled. Hayden continued again, “It’s your clothes, they are not like ours”. Shin spoke up, “yeah, I guess you are right. Where are we?” Hayden answered, you are in the village of Inkech, and Here Centaurs and Humans live in peace. Let me have my son show you to the place where guests stay.” Shin nodded as did the others “a yes”. Hayden stomped his hoof twice and clapped once. From around the other side of the building came Hayden’s son. He was a handsome Centaur even in the light of the torches throughout the village square you could tell his upper body armor was very shinny. His sword by his side was long and heavy. Kate was struck by his appearance and tried not to stare. Hayden said, “This is my son Drayden.” Drayden said in perfect English to the group “Hello”. Shin said “hello”, slick piped in “hi”, Susan said, “nice to meet you” and Kate nodded.

As Susan spoke up she couldn’t help but notice that Drayden was hanging down about 6 inches out of his sheath. It caught her eye and she began to wonder how big it was when it was hard. She blushed as the thought came to her. She never had thoughts like this before. She always knew horse cocks were huge as she was raised around horses, but this was different. He was not only a horse but also a very cute handsome guy. The best of both worlds she thought.

Shin said “Thank you” to Hayden. Hayden smiled. Drayden said, ”follow me over to the stalls. We don’t get many guests. I hope sleeping in a barn will be ok? The hay is very soft and warm you will like it.” Slick added, “yeah I have slept in a barn before, they are great.” Susan said, “I knew you lived in a barn”. Drayden said, “It must be wonderful”? Slick ignored Susan again but answered Drayden with a “yes it is”. Drayden said “this way”. The group followed Susan walked right behind Drayden and watched as his big balls moved in and out of the shadow from between his legs.

Several minutes later they arrived at a big building. You could not tell from the outside that this was any sort of barn. Drayden opened the doors, and the group could see that inside lit by lanterns it had gold hay feeders, golden straw on the floor with extra bales sitting in each stall. Drayden said, “Ladies take the left stall, and guys take the right”. Slick and Shin said “ok”. Kate was silent. Susan made sure she told Drayden “Thank you”. Drayden looked back at Susan as he returned to where his father was and replied "you’re very welcome" and winked.

Sisan just stood there and watched as Drayden walked away. She watched until she could not see him anymore. Shin looked around from a place in the stall to lay down. Slick grabbed a bale and piled it up in the corner. He took off his jacket and made a pillow. Then he lay down and tried to sleep. Shin got the hint and did the same. Kate grabbed several bales and made a bed. She thought to herself, “it’s not a Howard Johnson’s but it will do”. She took her jacket off and made a pillow. She was very tired and went to lie down to sleep. Within a few minutes Kate was asleep. Susan couldn’t sleep. She had Drayden on her mind. She thought of his big balls and his cock hanging out of his sheath and she hated to admit aroused her. She decided to go for a walk and clam down.

Susan walked around awhile and stumbled on a building like they one they had been lead to. The door was open and she peeked inside. She seen a Centaur there and at first didn’t recognize him. His armor and sword were now off. He was attempting to scratch near his rear flank, but it was out of reach. His hands were not long enough and a hoof would not reach high enough. He attempted to scratch the spot on the side stall post but that too was not working. Susan seeing this laughed to herself but felt sorry for him too. She remembered how her horses loved to be scratched. She decided to go inside and help him.

She moved around quietly to the inside of the stall. Drayden didn’t notice her moving inside, as he was perplexed as to how to scratch himself. Susan reaching Drayden stretched out a hand and with her fingernails and scratched the area. Drayden was startled at first as his muscles in his flank twitched, he jumped slightly but Susan scratched the right spot. Drayden relaxed as Susan scratched the right spot. It felt so good. Drayden could only moan. Susan seeing how much he enjoyed it kept scratching him. Susan soon noticed that he was once again out of his sheath hanging longer than he had before. Drayden while still enjoying the scratching noticed she was looking at his cock. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off it. With the other hand she touched it with a finger. It grew just a little. Drayden just turned and watched her. Susan then grasped it with her hand. She noticed how smooth it was and that it felt velvety. Drayden felt her hand and it aroused him. His cock was now fully extended. Susan saw how big it was for the first time. It was amazing and it aroused her totally. Drayden moved to face her. He said, “you like what you see and how it feels?” Susan smiled it was hard to talk. Thoughts run through her head of this big cock cuming all over her and in her. She took off her clothes and tossed them onto a hay bale. She then went down underneath him and with both hands rubbed those big balls that she knew would make her thoughts soon come true. Drayden liked this and his cock began to leak on Susan’s back as she played with his balls. Susan felt the warmth of this fluid. She knew that he was ready.

Susan let go of the balls and grabbed the cock with both hands. She put her lips to the huge cock and licked the end. Drayden quivered and moaned. Then she opened her mouth and allowed it into her mouth. She was now sucking with great force Drayden’s massive cock. The flair on the end took up a lot of the space in her mouth. She could hardly suck it. She could taste was must have been pre-cum. Drayden moaned slightly, every muscle was alive with energy. Soon he could hold back no more, it was in his nature to cum. His seed was going to flow. Susan felt his cock pulse and knew that in a second maybe two that his cum was going to come with force. She kept the cock in her mouth at first but as his seed came it overwhelmed her. She could not swallow fast enough she pulled the huge cock from her mouth only to have it splash all of her face. She could feel every pulse of his cock and every massive gush of his cum. Then after a few seconds, it slowed then stopped. Only a drip from the end and susan licked it off and swallowed it. It was intense.

Susan's face and tits were covered in cum she licked her lips and the taste was nothing like she ever tasted before. Drayden now was calm again. He was still hanging down but not hard. Susan stroked gently his cock. Drayden asked, “Are you done?” Sally said, “no”. His cock grew once more. She felt how wet her own pussy was, her whole front was a mess with his seed. She took some of his cum lubed herself up. She was going to try the impossible. She wanted to feel his seed gush in her depths.

Susan moved a bale of hay over to her. She was going to lie down on her stomach and take the again dripping cock into herself. Drayden could feel her position his cock to her wet pussy. He could feel as she stretched to force his cock into her pussy. She was tighter than any mare he had ever been in. Susan moaned as it hurt slightly..........

Stay tuned for the next part of this continued story………two weeks or so……

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Realm of Fauna (a beasti story)

As promised I posted the first part of a bestiality story. A series of them wrote by me that hopefully you will find interesting. The idea came to me in a dream. I am going to write a whole series based on the idea of the realm of Fauna with the characters here in this opening story. I hope to post another part of the story at least once a month along with regular postings. If I have nothing else to post I will post two a month. Hope you enjoy…… Don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated on new posts.
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On to the story.......

The town of Gilman was quiet when the long convoy came in and parked outside of town. It was 1951 and the convoy made up of remnants of long gone carnival shows was there to put on yet another show. Doors on vehicles opened then shut and out poured the tired to stretch and get ready for bed. They knew it was a lot of work to set up the old tents and games. To the four lives in Gilman it was just another night. They had no idea this visit would forever change their lives.

The morning came early for those who had to set up their own tents or games. Most crew only got a few hours of sleep. It was always expected to have an early evening show that same day. Tents went up quickly and everyone would rest until then.
That evening 22 people paid to see the carnival. It was an uneventful show and the people were satisfied that they got their money’s worth. Carnival people knew the town’s people would tell others and tomorrow the house would be full. Everything was going as planned.

The next day, just before the first show the head showman Ted Ringle would walk the length of the carnival and looked for anything the others might of missed. Cars from Gilman and the surrounding areas came to see the show. Ted was happy; he went to his tent to begin the first act.

Ted was in his 70s, good in health, wit and demeanor. He put on his long overcoat and went outside to the ring. His voice bellowed like a bullhorn at the crowd. “Come all, come all, see the first act right here. See the best hypnosis, the best astral travel, the best magic ever performed in any show since the time of Merlin or your money back”

The crowd hearing Ted came quickly with some running, they didn’t want to miss one minute of what was to unfold. Ted began, “5,000 years ago, a man found this stone, this blue stone and opened a doorway to the soul. This blue seemingly common stone. Friends the stone is called “Fauna”, yes folks you heard right.. Fauna. It is a rare stone to this realm.
I will need two gals and two guys from the audience” Ted walked around and looked at all the faces. He seen a girl of about 18 and grabbed her arm. She pulled back then her sister grabbed her arm. Ted seeing this said ah come on ladies you both can do this. Susan was 20, her sister Kate 18. Susan hesitated for a moment then went to the center of the ring with Kate. Next Ted went and looked at the faces again. Acting like he didn’t want to be picked was Slick, it wasn’t his real name just what folks in town called him. Slick was 20 years old and kept his hair in place by hair grease. Slick looked up to Marlin Brandon and Elvis. Everyone in town thought that Slick was an odd guy. Ted grabbed slick and put him with the girls in the center. Slick hadn’t seen Susan since high school. He glanced at them and they rolled their eyes and chewed their gum. Ted needed on more guy but not like the rest, he looked and looked at the crowd as they became a little bored and a few strayed away. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he found the face he was looking for. In the middle was a guy named Shin he was 21. Shin moved into Gilman only 2 years before. Many people thought he was Japanese and disliked his family because they were upset that the Japanese had started World War 2 and many in Gilman had lost friends and family. In reality he was Korean and Chinese.
Ted looked at Shin and said, “You the Chinese guy, come here” Shin looked around for a moment hoping that he had not been picked. Shin didn’t like attention. He waved at Ted, the crowd applauded and Shin moved to the center of the ring.

Ted continued with the act. He bellowed at the crowd again. “5,000 years ago a Chinese man found a stone like this one and while praying accidentally opened a portal to another realm. His true name lost to legend, his deeds legendary” Slick slumped with swagger and said under his breath “yeah right”. The girls popped their gum. Shin remained quiet listening.

The audience let out a gasp and Ted again continued to speak. Ted said, ”It’s all true. Every word, these brave souls are going on an adventure. An adventure that will leave them changed. An adventure that will make them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

“Are you ready?” Ted asked the group. They looked at him and nodded a disbelieving yes. Ted handed the blue Fauna stone to Shin. Shin held out his hand and accepted the stone then looked at Ted as if to ask “now what”? Ted noticed his response and said, “What is your name? He replied “Shin”. Take the stone between your hands like you were going to pray to Buddha and say “fona/shulla/bine” three times. Shin looked at Ted like as if to say, “you got to be kidding me.” Ted continued, “Go ahead”. Shin being raised among Buddhists knew how to make the prayer like chant. He went into the stance put the stone between his praying hands. As he did this the others out of curiosity gathered close on his right and left. Ted backed away about 10 feet. Shin said the words three times. A bluish bright white light in the shape of a archway flashed before them. The audience didn’t see anything. They did see however these 4 people just standing there not moving or talking. What they believed as hypnotized. The Audience applauded and cheered. Ted motioned them to be quiet.

Kate, Susan, Slick and Shin looked at the archway. It shimmered and was like water at the same time. Slick walked behind it but saw nothing. The archway appeared out of nothing. But it was obvious it went somewhere. They looked at Ted, who smiled and then said well, “will you enter?” Kate looked at the audience then thought of home. Susan looked thrilled. She was thrilled by the idea there might be another world elsewhere. Slick hated his life but looked to see what the others would do. He liked Susan in high school, but never got a chance to be with her then. Shin didn’t know what to think, he thought it was some kind of magic trick. Shin asked Ted “is this for real”? Ted energetically said “yes”. But there are a few rules.
Ted continued, "the realm is called Fauna. It is a wondrous realm. You can do things there you can’t do here. Almost anything you can imagine could happen there.
You must find the Quest, Solve the quest, and return when you start to feel very tired or you will die. Each following quest will get harder as you solve them. When you solve a quest the archway will open up automatically and you can return.

Ted moves away and waves to the audience. The audience laughs and applauds. Ted turns towards the group and says, “If you are going all of you must go together” Susan all excited grabbed Kate’s arm and dragged her quickly through the archway. Kate didn’t have time to think about it as it happened so fast. Slick thought, “I guess it can’t get any worse” and quick stepped through the archway. Shin took a quick look around thinking it was some sort of trick and figured ok fine I will go.

In a moment the four were on the other side of the archway. Looking back they could see no way back. Kate thought already that she wanted to go home. All around them was forest the archway left them in a large clearing. Slick noticed they were standing on an old road made of cut stones placed close together. They stood there just looking around when they heard the sound of a horse, then the clatter of wheels like that of a cart against the road. They could see something moving just beyond the clearing. Opposite them on the north edge of the clearing was a gold colored statue but they were to far away to see what it was a statue of. Shin didn’t believe any of this was real but suggested they go look at the statue. Shin began to walk and not wanting to be left behind the others followed.

Half way to the statue they heard the horse again and turned around to look back towards the stone road. They seen a horse pulling a cart an old man was driving the cart. It was filled with hay, and several wooden crates. Behind the cart followed Centaurs, and several other humans. Coming form the other direction of the stone road they noticed more movement. They were in total disbelief at the site of the Centaurs. All they could do was stare and watch them pass. The movement on the other end of the stone road turned out to be Minotaurs, Satyrs and a few humans. It seems this was a road that lead someplace on both ends.

Shin turned toward the statue and said, “lets go”. The others only half heard him as their minds were in a daze at what they were seeing. He raised his voice “Lets go”. Susan said, “Yeah, yeah we are coming”. The others just turned their backs to the stone road and followed Shin.

At the statue, they could see it was apparently made of gold. It was a statue of a robed man. Holding a bowl as if to ask for food. In his belt barley visible was a knife. His robe had an odd symbol on the back. In his other hand was what they thought was coins and a bracelet on his wrist. On his feet were sandals. They also see a small object dangling from the front of the belt. They could not discern what it was.

Below the statue's feet they see an engraving. They looked at it awhile but could not read it. Then the symbols became a blur and they formed words they understood. It read, “A great man of charity has wealth beyond what is seen”

Don’t miss out on the next installment……. (1 Month) maybe even two weeks.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I haven’t forgotten

How many times can you tell an animal you love them and it is enough? It is never enough. For when they are gone, you wish you could tell them you love them one more time. You remember the odd things about them and a tear comes to your eye. You remember fun things you did together and the tears just don’t stop. You think that they are gone forever and they are really. They will never be as they were. All the things they had in life are what you gave them. Their toys collar and feed dish. Its funny how such a simple creature can love us so much and we them. I sure hope animals are allowed in heaven. If not, I don’t want to go. Goodbye Goober (Bear) 5-25-2000--5-3-2006. I hope I will see you again one day.