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Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell To An Old Friend

My dog had been ill for a while now. He was 12 years old. It started out slow at first as most illnesses do. He was losing weight, would not eat much. I decided against hoping that he would improve. He wasn't and it was time.

Today Monday Oct 11th 2010 , I had him put to sleep.

Now my halls are silent. I do not hear the pitter patter of his feet on my floors. When I look behind me he is not there living up to his name. He does not seek me out to play hide and seek anymore. When I eat, he is not laying down and shyly looking up for a morsel or a plate to lick clean. When I am upset he is not there to lay his head on me as if to say, “It will be ok, I love you.” At night, he won’t be there to snuggle up against me. His food dish will forever remain empty as if waiting for his return. What will remain of him, will live in the memories of those still living. Those lives he also touched. He will live and folic with his mate Boogie and his son Bear once more. He will be with my parents and by my dad’s side waiting for my return.

Shadow, you touched my heart, my life, my soul. You gave me so much and asked so little. You saved my life twice. How do I repay such a debt? I will never forget you. Rest now, you earned it old friend, Farewell.

***Dogphux 10/11/10. Love them everyday, for one day they will be gone and you can never get those lost moments back.***

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sweet Goldie Goodbye

Hello everyone and thanks for sticking with me. I know its been awhile since I posted a Realm of Fauna part. I assure you that it is not dead. But recent Real Life issues have made it difficult to write much.

I have 3 dogs, and as of this coming Monday I will have only one. The first loss, was my Golden Retriever (a rescue) that I have had for 3 years. She started not to eat and bleed a lot. I though at first that it was her cycle, but as a few days passed, it became worse, her appetite all but disappeared. Friday (8th), I could tell she was in pain, so I decided that I needed to take more action. I took her to the vet which confirmed what a friend had said. That she had cancer. That night among tears and sadness the vet put her to sleep.

Even now I miss her, I buried her in my field not far from the house. She was always giving me attention. She had been the light of my life. And to imagine at first I was reluctant to take her.

I was given her because she had killed other female dogs. I knew that if the Humane Society got her, they would put her to sleep, just because of this. So, I took her in. After a few days she began to bring me my socks. I then realized she needed a toy. I bought her a tuggy toy and she loved it. We would play tuggy for a long time. Later I got her a Kong ball. That was her favorite toy. She would ask me to play many, many times. She made sure that she always knew where the ball was. At night she would sleep up by my head and many times give me kisses. If I was sad, like when my dad passed away, she was right there giving me attention. She would lick the tears from my face with her warm tongue. She was one of the most loving dogs I have ever known.

Standing at her grave, looking at her one last time before i covered her for eternity with dirt. It was hard to believe she was gone. I put the ball between her front paws, as she seemed to sleep. I’m going to miss you with all my heart sweet Goldie girl. My love for you is forever.

Sadly, my sorrow is not over yet. My old boy Shadow is next. He too is old and ill at age 12 and Monday, those who read this had better expect another sad post from me.

***DogPhux 10/9/10** Will I get another dog? I don’t know. My hurt and loss is deep.***

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Realm Of Fauna 7 (a beasti story)

You see DogPhux the blog owner sleeping. Suddenly he is startled by your presents. He fell asleep with the storybook in his lap. He looks at you then says, “Where were we…Ahh yes….”

He then put even more of his cock in her. He could feel her stretching. It was tight and he had to really push to get it all the way in her. She moaned and pushed backwards toward him. Slick thought that she seemed more animal than human and this was a turn on for him. He wanted her more than ever. He grabbed at her hips tightly and thrust deep. Slick was a virgin; he had never been with a woman. He had no idea what sex with a woman would be like; he had only fanaticized about it.

Slick could smell her scent. He’d only been around goats once and they had a distinctive smell. Her scent was like sweet honey to him. Her pussy released a sex smell as he pumped her that spoke to his senses. It said loudly, I want your seed.

She moaned to his thrusts. He could feel as he went deep her stretching out and tight around his cock. She began to quiver. He could tell that something was about to happen to her. His inexperience left him to briefly wonder what that was. She pushed harder backward toward his thrusts. It was clear to Slick that she was very into this. As he thrust his dick into her she became very wet, she began to drip down onto his balls. Then it began to run down his left leg. She was really smooth and very wet now. He kept thrusting waiting for what would happen next. She was quivering intensely and shaking. Her moans became drawn out. He could feel her clinch down on his cock and then release, then she let out a long goat like bleat. Slick could feel a gush of warm wetness run out of her. At this same time, slick could feel a pulsating sensation deep within himself. He knew from masturbating that he was about to cum. In a few seconds, he would propel his seed into her. He could feel the pulses coming stronger. He grabbed her as tight as he could and deeply thrust in her. At each pulse, he would go deep and before the next out of her slightly. He gritted his teeth and muttered, “ahhhhhhhh”, ahhhhhhhhhhhh”. He came in her as deeply as he could. Then Slick was spent. He became soft and slipped from her warm depths.

She slumped forward. Breathing heavy. Slick too was breathing heavy. He had worked up a sweat. She moved toward him and she held his hand as she moved him to her lap. Slick laid there, in total awe of what had happened. She said nothing, Slick didn’t know if she would understand. But he said, “your beautiful”. She only looked at his face and smiled.

After a short time, the female Satyr took hold of Slicks cock, she played with it and began to stroke it. Slick began to get hard again. She put it in her mouth. Slick realized that she wasn’t finished and that she wanted more of his cum. She sucked on him with long slow motion like she was building up to something. Slick knew that if she did this much longer that there was no holding back.

Suddenly, He found Susan on top of him. He shifted away from her quickly. He looked around. There was the log next to the fire. Susan said, “Why don’t you go sleep somewhere else. Not where a girl has to walk to go to the bathroom.” Slick couldn’t say anything. He had a hard on that Susan hadn’t noticed. And inside his pants were all wet. He got up and walked to the woods to check it out. Asleep he thought? That he dreamed it all. Away from everyone he dropped his pants and he could smell his cum. He wiped it out of his pants with his hands. He couldn’t help but noticed that there was allot. He pulled up his pants and went back to camp. Susan had gone back to sleep and Shin it seemed had done that long before. Slick used a pillow a servant gave him. The servant smiled at Slick as if he knew something. Slick went to sleep.

The next morning Shin was awakened by a Satyr who poked him with her sword. Seeing Shin awake she moved to the next person. Everyone was cold. Susan and Kate came to the fire wrapped in blankets. The servants had already started to make breakfast. After breakfast was going to be a long day. Slick lumbered close by the fire where the others were. Kate whispered to Susan something and they both giggled. Slick just looked blankly at them. Shin wondered was it was about but was distracted by a servant giving him a plate with food. Shin looked at the food. It was eggs and bacon with bread. Shin said, ‘thank you”. The others of the group were given the same meal. Shin asked others if they thought there was something odd about the meal. Susan and Kate didn’t understand what Shin was asking. Slick said No. Shin said, “the meal is bacon and eggs. Do you know where bacon and eggs come from?” Susan and Kate were horrified. Slick piped in with, “In a realm where mostly animals rule. They are eating animals.” Shin starred at Slick but knew he was right. He asked Slick if there was any mention in the travel book about this. Slick left and returned with the book from his pack. He opened it and scanned a few more pages.

He read aloud what the book said: “The Commonal animals like Pigs and chickens that do not easily mix with humans are looked upon as a food source by humans. Pigs for some reason have never been able to mix with humans very successfully. The Anthrites look down toward this cast of society with disgust hence why humans are allowed to eat them.”

Slick looked up from the book and said, “I guess that answers that.” Slick closed the book and returned it to his pack. He then picked up his plate and began to quickly eat the meal. The others had already done the same. Slick couldn’t help to notice that two of the female Satyr guards had come to the fire to warm themselves as they ate their meal. They were eating grain and sprigs of grass.

Within an hour the servants had packed the carts again. The group knew that shortly they would be on the move again. It seemed that the priest from the temple was in a hurry. He was nervous and wanted to get going as soon as they could. He motioned to several Satyrs and they went and scouted the area. Shin noticed the uneasiness of the priest. Something was bothering the priest. And almost everyone in the encampment knew it. The priest sent a Satyr out to look around. She came back within a half hour but this didn’t make the priest any less nervous.

After the Satyr came back the carts were repacked and ready to move out. The two centaurs smiled at Susan as they walked to their posts. Members of the caravan took positions within it as they had done the day before. They all knew it would be a long day. They all dreaded the walking they were going to do this day.

They walked for about 5 hours. Then the priest stopped to rest and eat a quick meal. A Satyr approached, the priest and said something quietly that disturbed him. Shin could see that the priest was very alarmed. He sent several Satyrs out around the area within sight of the caravan as guards. Slick looked at Shin, he to noticed that something was amiss. They had taken their rest break in a clearing next to the road. The satyrs were on the edge of the encampment. The centaurs stood among the group looking systematically outward at all points where the Satyrs stood. The fifth Satyr kept close to the priest. The servants served up food but didn’t make a fire. They served biscuits and a kind of jerky to the humans while the Anthrites were given grain and water. The satyrs came in one at a time and were replaced with centaurs as this happened. Susan and Kate both noticed how militaristic the movements were and asked Shin what he thought. Shin told Susan, Kate and Slick, “that something was amiss. Ever since the morning when they got up the priest had been nervous.” Susan said “what do you think it is. Shin said, “I don’t know but all the guards are out protecting us.” Slick nodded and Kate just looked concerned. The group ate the food given them and they kept an eye open like everyone else. The meal was uneventful and as the servants packed away what they had removed from the carts, a relaxed feeling came over the caravan. The guards that were out came back into the camp and everything seemed normal.

One of the centaurs walked up to Kate and smiled. But suddenly his smiled turned to a far away look. A small trickle of blood dripped from his mouth. Kate could see a shaft of wood protruding from his side out of his leather armor. His eyes glazed and he fell almost on top of her twitching. His legs were moving as if trying to run and dirt being thrown about with this movement.

Kate screamed. Susan looked over toward her sister’s scream and saw a Satyrs get an arrow in the neck. The Satyr choked and gagged as she fell to the ground. The other Satyrs tried to put on their shields but it was to late. Almost at once the attackers were upon then. A servant yelled a bunch of words but only the word “Drell” could they understand. Arrows or crossbows wounded several of the servants. They were hacked down where they had fallen. The Drell seemed to be everywhere. The Servants ran in shear panic toward the forest. The Drell pursued them and hacked them down with swords and axes. The Satyrs made their stand by the carts skilled in close combat they killed many. The centaur hacked away with his two swords blocking, thrusting and then retreating to again return to the fray. He was wounded many times but continued to fight. He was brave and valiant in his efforts. The screams of the fallen were loud and echoed down the nearby valley. Slick grabbed Kate and ran with sword in hand to where the Satyrs were. Shin and Susan went to where the carts were. The Satyrs were at this point holding the ground there. Shin killed several Drell along the way to the carts. When they arrived at the carts they saw the priest. He was lying on the ground with a crossbow bolt in his upper chest. He was clutching a box and mumbling something.

Shin and Slick joined the battle to help the Satyrs. They fought hard but one more Satyrs fell to their wounds. It was then that the Satyr that Slick liked motioned for the others to head to forest line. They grabbed the wounded priest and headed to the forest. As this happened Slick blocked the thrust of a Drell that attacked the Satyr from behind. She turned and with one quick thrust ended the foul creatures life. She then smiled at Slick. Slick ran to catch up to the others. The Centaur and the last two Satyrs kept fighting. The Satyr that Slick had saved hollered at the others something and then ran to join those heading to the forest.

The group arrived at the forest edge with the priest. He fell again and kept muttering something. Slick was there with him attempting to protect him as best he could. The priest then got Slick’s attention and said some words like in a chant and touched slicks forehead. Slicks head swam but then he could understand the priest. The priest said, “Promise me you will take the box to the temple. Do not let the Drell have it… promise me….” Then the priest died. The Satyr Asked, “is he dead?” Slick looked up and nodded. She said, “my name is Amethyst thank you for saving me back there. We need to keep moving the others back at the carts will only be able to hold them off for a short time. They are not coming with us?” asked Susan. “No” amethyst said. “They are giving their lives so that we can flee. Let move now. The others just stood there; they could not understand what the Satyr had said. Slick looked at them and told them what she said. They nodded, and Amethyst led the way.

They no longer traveled by the road they went right through the forest. In 3 more hours it would be dark. As the light dimmed, it filled Susan with much fear. Amethyst told Slick that they would camp here but with no fire. Slick relayed the message to the others. The group had no blankets or provisions and that made the night even colder. Amethyst paired up with Slick to keep warm. She remained on guard to let everyone sleep. Before bed, Kate came over with Susan and thanked Slick for getting her out of harms way. Slick smiled, then nodded. Kate and Susan said goodnight and returned to where Shin was. The three of them would huddle together to keep warm….. What happens next is for “The Realm Of Fauna 8”

*UPDATE: I keep getting to roles of Susan and Kate confused. I just fixed it in this part. Please bear with me on this. 7/3/10*

****Dogphux 4/20/10 Disclaimer: This does not promote Bestiality or Zoophilia. It's just a story. Please do not repost without my permission***

Friday, January 15, 2010

Realm of Fauna 6 (a beasti story)

The Realm of Fauna thus far........

Hayden returns in a half hour. With him are several servants. The servants are carrying clothes, weapons and other objects. Hayden approaches Shin. Hayden’s servants hands out the clothes and weapons. Among the things handed out is a small booklet the just the size for traveling. Hayden Says, “the book is a common reading for those of the realm.” Shin thanked Hayden on behalf of the group. Slick looked at his clothing. What is this he asked Shin? Shin answered, “It’s called a tunic. Put in on over your shirt and put the weapons belt on at the waist.” As Slick took off his leather jacket a servant came and took it from him. The servant said, “This piece of clothing will be returned when you get back.” It was obvious to Slick that the servant had no idea what a jacket was.

Slick and the rest of the group put on their tunics and weapons. Slick having only seen swords and daggers in old movies was fascinated by it. He grabs from his scabbard the sword and pulls it out. A slight ringing sound is heard as the blade leaves its scabbard. He estimates the sword is just over 2 feet long. Slick admires the sword and notices writing in the blade that he can’t read. He also takes note of how well the sword is made and how sharp both sides of the sword are. After several swipes and thrusts at the air. He returns the sword to its scabbard. Susan and Kate watch and shake their heads.
Shin sees Slick with his sword and decides to show off a bit. In one motion Shin takes his sword from its scabbard with both hands and like a dance makes several advancing cuts through the air. Then returning the sword to its scabbard again in that same smooth motion. It was like watching a Samurai warrior from ancient Japan. As Shin turned to face Slick his eye caught the temple priest, who smiled and nodded. It was clear that he had impressed the temple priest. The temple priest appeared to be a Satyr. His horns were inlaid with a golden pattern in real gold. He looked very majestic. He wore a reddish robe and carried a dagger. The hood on his robe was disproportioned as it was made to fit over his head and horns. It seemed that in his temple he was someone of importance.

Slick went to Shin and asked, “Where did you learn that?” Shim explained. “My father taught me as a young boy. He had said that no young man should be without some kind of protection.” Slick then flicked open his switchblade and said, “I can relate.”

The priest waited as his and Hayden’s servants loaded up the cart for the trip. Around The priest Slick sees five female Satyr guards, their cloths and horns were almost blinding white. The breast cups were made of a bronze type metal and engraved with ornate etchings. The female Satyrs had slim curvy bodies and carried sword, spear and a shield on their backs. The sight of them and their green eyes intrigued Slick and he found himself oddly attracted.

Slick was quite bored waiting for them to get moving. He took the booklet out of his pack and began to read it. Inside the cover of the booklet was a note stating that this was the second edition as the first was wrote in Chinese. The writer of both versions was the Tibetan Priest OrinocoYakima. Slick found this to be interesting. The book contained some definitions created in part by OrinocoYakima. They were written in an intelligent and sciences like way. As if a botanist had collected them.

The three types of animal life in the Realm Of Fauna:

1) Commonal (Com-mon-al)= an animal in its normal species and breeding of Non- human cross species. This species does not speak and has limited recognition of words.

2) Nominals= (Nom-in-als) animal/human cross breed where the animal appears to be Commonal in aspect and appearance. However has a marked increase in intelligence and speech ability. Their speech is limited as they are closer to Commonals.

3) Anthrites= (An-thri-tes) Are the most evolved human/animal species. They have both higher levels of intelligence and human-like characteristics. There are two types of Anthrites. The two legged and the quad legged.

The writer notes: “The animal aspect is never lost through the generations. It is retained to 1/3 of the species make up.”

The book goes on to explain how humans ended up in the realm of Fauna many centuries ago. Orinoco thought that humans arrived much the same way as he had. The portal he thought was more like a land bridge but it somehow allowed humans to cross over physically. Then somehow it must have been lost.
Slick pondered the theory for a while then read more. The book went on to say that humans were not slaves. They are paid as workers or servants and given great care by their employers. Slick heard a servant calling out and took the booklet and put it back in his pack. As he put the book away, Slick noticed one of the Satyr females looking his way. He couldn’t help himself but to look back with a long stare. The female Satyr seemed to smile back. Slick looked away quickly.

Susan and Kate stopped throwing rocks across the road as soon as they seen the two Centaurs approaching. As they past by, Susan recognized them as the ones she was with last night. As they passed by they smiled and slightly bowed to them. Kate thought this was odd, but Susan knew what it was about. She was beet red and she lowered her head as they passed.

The two Centaurs had on interesting armor. The Armor consisted of a reinforced thick plate that went down the human aspect of the centaur’s back and extended to the Centaur’s horse back where a saddle would normally be then to his tail. It was obviously made to prevent an attacker from jumping on the Centaur’s back and stabbing him. Around his neck were metal guards to protect the vulnerable neck. The Centaurs leather armor fronts were made from boiled leather. This made the leather hard and form fitting. For weapons the Centaurs carried both long and short swords.

The Centaurs moved to the side next to the road. There they stood and watched the loading of the Carts. Susan thought that these Centaurs must have been the ones Hayden mentioned that he would be sending along with the temple priest. Shin Watched as the carts were loaded. He observed them loading Hay, oats, water as well as several barrels, which contained their food he thought. Altogether there were two carts. Their packs would go on the last one. Slick also watched and wondered if servants or Commonals would pull the carts.

Slick looked at his watch. The time was just a few minutes to 10Am, he had no idea if it was truly accurate or not. There came four Commonals being lead by 2 servants. Their harnesses were attached to the 2 carts. The servants gathered the group’s packs and put them on the last cart. Some animal yelled something in that strange language and everyone either followed or took the lead in front of the procession. Susan, Kate, Shin and Slick watched as the procession went by and then joined in at the rear.

The female Satyr that Slick had thought had smiled at him earlier walked by. Slick got a close look. He was even more intrigued than before. He loved her eyes and her slender flowing body. There was something about a green eyed female in armor that Slick was aroused by. Slick joined the rest of the group in the rear of the procession.

Travel was easy but boring. The group could only talk some to each other and look at the countryside as they walked by. Shin thought to himself “there are so many ruins, some scorched by fire or other damage”. Susan and Kate could hardly stay awake, as each foot seemed to weigh more and more. It was a good thing that it would be dark soon.

Slick was being mesmerized by how the female Satyr’s ass swayed from side to side in front of him. She would ever so often glance back at Slick. Slick would pretend to not be watching her.

At about an hour before dark, the procession came to a halt. They moved into a small clearing a short distance from the road. It seemed to Shin and the rest that this would be camp for the night. The servants gave out each his/her pack from the last cart. Then they went about the business of collecting the night’s wood for the fires. Susan and Kate went and laid out their blankets and prepared their beds next to each other. Behind them was a large fallen tree. The Centaurs sent to guard the temple priest made their beds just on the opposite side of the fallen tree where the girls had bed down. Shin wondered whom they were really protecting. Susan and Kate ate some food the servants had prepared. Kate fell asleep, and Susan covered her up.

Slick and Shin sat leaning against a log, watching the fire. A servant came by and served them some food. They also keep the fire going in shifts. Slick and Shin enjoyed the warmth of the fire. It wasn’t but an hour or two that a full moon came out and lit up the night and somewhat the forest. Slick moved his eyes away from the fire and looked at the forest with its shadows and brightness. Shin made his bed and went to sleep. Slick just looked on into the forest thinking of the female Satyr.

The camp became quiet with the exception of the occasional servant with a new piece of wood and the crackle of the fire near him. He looked at his watch. The watch said 10:05. As he looked back into the forest a whitish figure a ways back in the forest caught his eye. He thought at first he was seeing things. As he continued to watch the figure moved slowly gracefully through the forest toward him. Slick didn’t know if he should alert someone or what. He stood up and looked around. Everyone was asleep. The figure moved closer and now he could make out that it was a Satyr. As it came closer to the edge of the clearing he could see in the moonlight that it was a female and naked. Again he looked around everyone was asleep. The female Satyr pointed at slick with a finger and then motioned to come to her. Slick hesitated. The Satyr took a few steps into the forest and turned again. Motioning to slick to follow into the forest.

As the Satyr turned and walked into the forest a second time, he could see her cute tail lifting up inviting. She turned and he could see her motioning to him yet again. He walked around the log and moved towards the forest. She went to where it seemed darker and stopped. He continued his path toward her. As he got closer, he could see that she was totally naked . when moonlight shinnied on her white horns with the gold inlaid, it was bright and marvelous. Her fur all white and short covered her body completely. At last he was in front of her taking her in with his eyes. She made a slight murring sound as she took hold of his hand. She brought him close to herself and placed his hand between her legs as she spread them. Slick was at a loss to know what to do next. All this was so unexpected. She took his finger and placed it to her pussy. Slowly pushing it inside of her as she murred once again. Slick felt her warmth. She was very wet and as he moved his finger inside of her he could feel her quiver.

He took his finger from her pussy and took off his tunic and shirt. The Satyr fumbled with his belt for a minute and then dropped his pants and underwear. Slick kicked them away, as she took his cock into her hand. She stroked his cock. Slick was very, very hard. She looked down at his cock and bent over down to her knees. She took his cock with her mouth at first with her tongue. Slick could not believe how pretty she was up close with her goat like head, eyes and horns. She sucked on his cock and rolled it on her tongue and at the same time stroked it. Slick thought this felt really good, her teeth never touching his cock. With her other hand she felt his balls. He could feel how warm her hand was against them.

She stood up. Then bent down on knees again this time facing away from him. Slick knew what she wanted as her tail lifted up and flagged. He got down behind her. His cock rock hard and ready to be spent. As he placed his cock up to her pussy he could feel his cock moving past the short fur which covered her. As he pushed his cock forward he could feel the heat coming from her pussy. As his cock entered her pussy it opened and stretched slightly. He began to put more of his member in her as she made more goat-like sounds lowly. He then……… But that is for part 7 of the Realm of Fauna.

****Update: Fixed a typo: I used the name of "Sally" rather than the actual charactors name Susan. 4/20/10 ****

Copyright Jan 14,2010 DogPhux. Do not use elsewhere without written permission. This does not promote Bestiality of Zoophilia its just a story!