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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Realm of Fauna 3 (a beasti story)

And now the continuation of the story thus far...........

He could feel her as she stretched to allow his cock into her. She was tighter than any mare he had ever been in. All he could think about was the wetness and how it would feel good to breed her.

Susan’s too knew how good it would feel, to feel this very large cock plunge into her and for Drayden to loose his seed within her. Susan pulled his cock into her even deeper. For Drayden it was very hard for him not to just go deep. He wanted to be gentle. But his equine instinct wanted more than anything to fulfill his stallion need to mate. Susan was entirely into it. Her mind was filled with all the times she had watched on the farm the stallion mating the mare. How brutal and powerful the stallion was. Her mind focused on one image in her mind. The image was when the stallion let go his seed into the mare. How there was so much cum. So much in fact that it splashed out past the huge horse cock and everywhere. She began to take him deeper and deeper. Soon she could feel the ridge on his cock and knew she had most of his huge cock in her. It was tight and hurt some but Susan did not care as her mind was still filled with that image of the stallion.

She leaned forward and lay on the bale. Spreading her legs as wide as she could. Drayden could feel Susan’s back against his stomach. Drayden could wait no longer. He began to pound her faster. Sally could feel the ridge going out and in past her clit. The rhythm drove here into orgasm frenzy. She came again and again. She contracted again and again inside. She became so wet that she dripped as she brought her hand to her clit. Drayden knew that any second he would cum deep in this mare.

Susan could feel something growing inside her. At first she was at a loss to know what it was. Then she felt a pulsing inside herself. She remembered that stallion’s cock’s flair just as they are about to cum. She braced herself with both hands on the bale of hay. Drayden felt a deep throbbing as his cock began to dump his seed. As he thrust several times and with those thrusts a major gush of his cum came. Susan was both cuming and being cum in. She could feel as the stallions cum filled her, her insides grow and then loss as it pushed its way out of her pussy and past his cock. Over and over he came not wanting to stop. Susan could feel his cum running out her pussy as each thrust delivered more. It was very warm and it ran slowly down her leg. Then Drayden was done. What seemed like forever ending only in two minutes. He stood there still in her. His cock becoming soft as he felt it slowly slips out of Susan’s pussy. Then finally, you could hear a suction sound and from within Susan’s pussy a gush of thick whitish cum came forth. She stood up and it flowed down her legs. She used her hands and spread it all over her body. It smelled good to her. Drayden rubbed his hands on Susan and held her as he leaned down on the hay bale.

They both were exhausted, so exhausted that they never seen the peering eyes of Kate. As she had watched her sister and the Centaur have sex, she to was excited. She wondered what centaur cum tasted like. She remembered back at home and cleaning the sheaths of several stallions and how their cocks felt silky and this was erotic to her. She always kept these thoughts to her self. She thought maybe, she would have to try some things for herself. Kate quietly moved out from the nearby stall to find adventures of her own.

But you will have to read about it here in a couple of weeks from now……..

**Copyright @ Aug 8, 2009 DogPhux. Do not post anywhere without my permission.This does not promote bestiality or Zoophilia. It’s just a story. :) **