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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Realm of Fauna 2 (beasti story)

Chapter 1 (cont)

The group looks back towards the road and Slick says “where to now”. The others look at Shin for the answer. He replies, “lets go back to the road.” After saying that, Shin starts the long walk back to the road.
While they were walking the group was still partly in a daze from what they all had seen. They hadn’t reached the road quite yet but they could see the road was clear. There were no horses, creatures or humans moving along the road now. Shin began to wonder what to do now. Kate and Susan were quiet and Slick also wondered what they should do when they reached the road.

After about 20 minutes they reached the road. Shin looked to right and left and paused for a moment. Slick reached in his pocket and pulled out a coin and realized it was gold. He stared at it and looked for more but then he remembered he only had a penny on him when he stepped through the archway.
He showed the others, but they had other things more pressing on their minds. Shin especially was thinking where they should go now and paid little attention to Slick. Slick took the coin and said heads we go right, tails we go left. He tossed the coin in the air and grabbed it, smacking it against his arm. Then he peeked and said. “Its heads, we go right”. Shin glad the decision had been made said, “Ok, sounds good”.

They walked for hours through the forest. It was getting late and soon it would be dark. Kate began to feel afraid of what the night would bring. Susan was tired, Slick bored. Shin was wondering what the quest was. As they turned a bend they could see a sort of village or town not far away. Kate said “oh a bed to sleep in”. Susan said, “yeah but I liked the idea of camping”. Slick responded, “Yeah and what kind of beds do you think they will have here?” Susan said, “Leave my sister alone. Jerk”. Slick ignored the comment. Shin just kept walking.

Just as the sun went down the group arrived. They were now on the edge of a village, with Centaurs and a few humans among them. They kept walking and soon were in the village’s square. It was a strange place, everything made of wood or stone. Some of the Centaurs are wearing armor and carried swords, as did some of the humans.
As they looked about a guard Centaur approached them and spoke a few words in a language the group had never heard. Shin said, sorry, we do not speak your language. The Centaur looked at them for a moment then you could here in broken English, “follow me”. Shin nodded and the group followed. They followed the guard to the other side of the village square. Kate couldn’t help but notice the ball sack the Centaur had. She thought to herself “That is so round and big”. While she walked behind the guard it was all she could think about. She watched as it moved from side to side almost hypnotically. The guard stopped in front of a Centaur who looked like one of great importance. The guard spoke in the strange language again. The other centaur nodded and the guard left. The village leader spoke again in the strange language. He spoke once more this time to the group’s amazement in English. He said, “Greetings, I am Hayden chief of this village. Forgive my guards rudeness and mine. I welcome you to our village. All four of them smiled and nodded.

Hayden continued and said, “We don’t get many strangers like yourself here” The group looked puzzled. Hayden continued again, “It’s your clothes, they are not like ours”. Shin spoke up, “yeah, I guess you are right. Where are we?” Hayden answered, you are in the village of Inkech, and Here Centaurs and Humans live in peace. Let me have my son show you to the place where guests stay.” Shin nodded as did the others “a yes”. Hayden stomped his hoof twice and clapped once. From around the other side of the building came Hayden’s son. He was a handsome Centaur even in the light of the torches throughout the village square you could tell his upper body armor was very shinny. His sword by his side was long and heavy. Kate was struck by his appearance and tried not to stare. Hayden said, “This is my son Drayden.” Drayden said in perfect English to the group “Hello”. Shin said “hello”, slick piped in “hi”, Susan said, “nice to meet you” and Kate nodded.

As Susan spoke up she couldn’t help but notice that Drayden was hanging down about 6 inches out of his sheath. It caught her eye and she began to wonder how big it was when it was hard. She blushed as the thought came to her. She never had thoughts like this before. She always knew horse cocks were huge as she was raised around horses, but this was different. He was not only a horse but also a very cute handsome guy. The best of both worlds she thought.

Shin said “Thank you” to Hayden. Hayden smiled. Drayden said, ”follow me over to the stalls. We don’t get many guests. I hope sleeping in a barn will be ok? The hay is very soft and warm you will like it.” Slick added, “yeah I have slept in a barn before, they are great.” Susan said, “I knew you lived in a barn”. Drayden said, “It must be wonderful”? Slick ignored Susan again but answered Drayden with a “yes it is”. Drayden said “this way”. The group followed Susan walked right behind Drayden and watched as his big balls moved in and out of the shadow from between his legs.

Several minutes later they arrived at a big building. You could not tell from the outside that this was any sort of barn. Drayden opened the doors, and the group could see that inside lit by lanterns it had gold hay feeders, golden straw on the floor with extra bales sitting in each stall. Drayden said, “Ladies take the left stall, and guys take the right”. Slick and Shin said “ok”. Kate was silent. Susan made sure she told Drayden “Thank you”. Drayden looked back at Susan as he returned to where his father was and replied "you’re very welcome" and winked.

Sisan just stood there and watched as Drayden walked away. She watched until she could not see him anymore. Shin looked around from a place in the stall to lay down. Slick grabbed a bale and piled it up in the corner. He took off his jacket and made a pillow. Then he lay down and tried to sleep. Shin got the hint and did the same. Kate grabbed several bales and made a bed. She thought to herself, “it’s not a Howard Johnson’s but it will do”. She took her jacket off and made a pillow. She was very tired and went to lie down to sleep. Within a few minutes Kate was asleep. Susan couldn’t sleep. She had Drayden on her mind. She thought of his big balls and his cock hanging out of his sheath and she hated to admit aroused her. She decided to go for a walk and clam down.

Susan walked around awhile and stumbled on a building like they one they had been lead to. The door was open and she peeked inside. She seen a Centaur there and at first didn’t recognize him. His armor and sword were now off. He was attempting to scratch near his rear flank, but it was out of reach. His hands were not long enough and a hoof would not reach high enough. He attempted to scratch the spot on the side stall post but that too was not working. Susan seeing this laughed to herself but felt sorry for him too. She remembered how her horses loved to be scratched. She decided to go inside and help him.

She moved around quietly to the inside of the stall. Drayden didn’t notice her moving inside, as he was perplexed as to how to scratch himself. Susan reaching Drayden stretched out a hand and with her fingernails and scratched the area. Drayden was startled at first as his muscles in his flank twitched, he jumped slightly but Susan scratched the right spot. Drayden relaxed as Susan scratched the right spot. It felt so good. Drayden could only moan. Susan seeing how much he enjoyed it kept scratching him. Susan soon noticed that he was once again out of his sheath hanging longer than he had before. Drayden while still enjoying the scratching noticed she was looking at his cock. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off it. With the other hand she touched it with a finger. It grew just a little. Drayden just turned and watched her. Susan then grasped it with her hand. She noticed how smooth it was and that it felt velvety. Drayden felt her hand and it aroused him. His cock was now fully extended. Susan saw how big it was for the first time. It was amazing and it aroused her totally. Drayden moved to face her. He said, “you like what you see and how it feels?” Susan smiled it was hard to talk. Thoughts run through her head of this big cock cuming all over her and in her. She took off her clothes and tossed them onto a hay bale. She then went down underneath him and with both hands rubbed those big balls that she knew would make her thoughts soon come true. Drayden liked this and his cock began to leak on Susan’s back as she played with his balls. Susan felt the warmth of this fluid. She knew that he was ready.

Susan let go of the balls and grabbed the cock with both hands. She put her lips to the huge cock and licked the end. Drayden quivered and moaned. Then she opened her mouth and allowed it into her mouth. She was now sucking with great force Drayden’s massive cock. The flair on the end took up a lot of the space in her mouth. She could hardly suck it. She could taste was must have been pre-cum. Drayden moaned slightly, every muscle was alive with energy. Soon he could hold back no more, it was in his nature to cum. His seed was going to flow. Susan felt his cock pulse and knew that in a second maybe two that his cum was going to come with force. She kept the cock in her mouth at first but as his seed came it overwhelmed her. She could not swallow fast enough she pulled the huge cock from her mouth only to have it splash all of her face. She could feel every pulse of his cock and every massive gush of his cum. Then after a few seconds, it slowed then stopped. Only a drip from the end and susan licked it off and swallowed it. It was intense.

Susan's face and tits were covered in cum she licked her lips and the taste was nothing like she ever tasted before. Drayden now was calm again. He was still hanging down but not hard. Susan stroked gently his cock. Drayden asked, “Are you done?” Sally said, “no”. His cock grew once more. She felt how wet her own pussy was, her whole front was a mess with his seed. She took some of his cum lubed herself up. She was going to try the impossible. She wanted to feel his seed gush in her depths.

Susan moved a bale of hay over to her. She was going to lie down on her stomach and take the again dripping cock into herself. Drayden could feel her position his cock to her wet pussy. He could feel as she stretched to force his cock into her pussy. She was tighter than any mare he had ever been in. Susan moaned as it hurt slightly..........

Stay tuned for the next part of this continued story………two weeks or so……

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This does not promote bestiality or Zoophilia. It’s just a story. :) **