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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Witch Hunt Begins

By now many of you that have come to my site, have noticed a big change. The info and my opinions on various subjects are gone. Well, its been long time coming. Those that find me a purist may be relieved, others the majority may look at it as a loss. Either way. I will continue the story, i see no reason why it should die.

There is allot going on over the past three months in the old community. All i am going to say at this time is watch who you know. Even if you have known them awhile. Avoid the forums (you know which ones). Delete all info on these forums (pictures, names, anything that can be traced directly to you). Remember that once you post such things, it become publicly known and can be used against you. Yes even talking about things can get you investigated.

This is real, I'm not being paranoid. That's why my blog posts are now gone. Many of you will not like the changes that the powers that be have in store for you. Keep on your present course and i assure you, you will be known. Nothing than this warning can i do about it. Its all in your hands. You know if you been reading the past blog posts what to do.

As i am able i will update this post and include more information.

@2011 DP